Condeal Airdrop

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Condeal allows content creators to distribute exclusive content and users to purchase and trade contents through blockchain platform. It provides popular Korean contents exclusively quickly, reducing the complex distribution structure between copyright holders and distributors, and allocating legitimate profits. It also provides high reliability by blockchain-based payment, membership, and settlement information.

Claim the Condeal Airdrop now and earn 13 free DEAL tokens with an estimated value of $6 USD.

* Step to claim:

1. Start the Telegram Bot.

2. Join their Telegram group.

3. Follow them on Medium.

4. Follow them on Twitter.

5. Like their Facebook Page.

6. Submit your details to the bot.

Social required: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium
Token Symbol: DEAL
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Claim Airdrop:

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