Cosmos CR Airdrop

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Cosmos cyber reality will become a virtual reality platform that utilizes the web-browser. By entering the virtual metaverse you can access 3D applications built by other people or create your own models.

You can use, play or create virtually anything you can think of. Using blockchain technology assets in the virtual metaverse can be owned and traded. With CYBR as digital currency you can trade your goods or pay for experiences anywhere on the platform.

* Step to Claim:

1. Register here and verify your Email address (+10)

2. On your dashboard, click on "My" and solve additional social media tasksĀ 

3. Join Cosmos CR's Telegram Channel (mandatory) (+100)

4. Follow Cosmos CR's Twitter Page (+100)

5. Follow Nick on Twitter (+100)

6. Mention CosmosCR on Twitter (+100)

7. Retweet and Like following tweet (do not comment the retweet) (+100)

8. Subscribe to the Cosmos CR's YouTube Channel (+100)

9. Like Cosmos CR's Medium Page (+100)

10. Follow Cosmos CR's Reddit Channel (+100)

If not already done, enter your details at your dashboard

Social required: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Medium, Reddit, Email
Token Symbol: CYBR
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Claim Airdrop:

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