Cryptolux Investment Airdrop Bonus

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Invest in a Crypto Trading or Cold Storage Package and make up to 20%~45% profit each month.

Office currency:Lot & CLS & USD & ETH & BTC & LTC.

CRYPTOLUX Four Bounty Activity Max 2BTC

* Step to Claim:

1. Sign-up Free 5 USD. 


3. Social task bounty.

4. Daily login bounty.

* Trading (Choose one of the following options):

- Deposit 1 USD (locking 1 day) Bounty 100 CLS tokens.

- Deposit 5 USD (locking 7 days) Bounty 500 CLS tokens.

- Deposit 20 USD (locking 30 days) Bounty 2000 CLS tokens.

Cold Storage Package:

Cold currency: CLX or USD or ETH or BTC or LTC.

Locking 365 days.
Daily Profit =0.75%~0.85% + Bonus.

Social required: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Email
Token Symbol: CLX
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Claim Airdrop:

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