GAMB Airdrop

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GAMB is a self-governed and decentralized ecosystem for e-commerce, driven by smart contracts, enhanced by open source development and empowered by the first Global Alliance of Merchants on the Blockchain. This revolutionary concept is backed by GAMBIO - the #1 e-commerce software provider in Germany.

GAMB is airdropping 400 GMB tokens to their community members. Sign up at KuCoin, chat with their Telegram bot, complete easy tasks and submit your details to the bot to receive 400 GMB tokens.

* Step to claim:

1. Sign up at KuCoin.

2. Verify your mail and activate 2FA.

3. Chat with their Telegram bot.

4. Click on “Get GMB Rewards” and submit your KuCoin email address and Twitter profile link.

5. Join GAMB and KuCoin on Telegram.

6. Join GAMB and KuCoin on Twitter.

7. Complete the above social tasks and click on “Check”.

8. You will receive 400 GMB tokens.

The top 25 Referrers will receive 13,760 GMB tokens.

Social required: Telegram, Twitter, KYC, Email
Token Symbol: GAMB
Token Type: KuCoin
Claim Airdrop:

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