ICOBliss Airdrop

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Rate and earn BLSS tokens
. 12,000,000 (12 MILLION) BLSS AIRDROP IS LIVE. BLSS token is already TRADING ON WAVES DEX. Platform is live and working. Airdrop amount: 12,000,000 BLSS (60% of total supply). Max 50,000 participants.

* Step to claim:

1. Join ICObliss Telegram channel

2. Join ICObliss Telegram group

3. Follow ICObliss Twitter

4. Signup on ICObliss at https://icobliss.com/signup

5. Login get 5 BLSS everyday. Have join!!!

Social required: Telegram, Twitter, Email
Token Symbol: BLSS
Token Type: WAVES
Claim Airdrop: http://up4vn.com/?QrBn

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