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Nexxo is a global leader in financial technology solutions for small businesses in emerging markets, with innovative products in payroll, payment gateway, wages protection system (WPS), point of sale (POS) devices and e-commerce. Nexxo in the trusted partner for SMEs for all their financial technology needs. Nexxo is rated 3.9/5 on ICO bench.

Nexxo airdrop is worth 4205 NEXXO tokens (~$ 3.5) and your will receive 2241 NEXXO tokens (~$ 2) for every referral.

* Step to claim:

1. Sign up on and verify your email.

2. Log in and watch a Video (+3000 NEXXO).

3. Join Nexxo on Telegram (+1205 NEXXO).

4. Chat with Telegram Airdrop bot for verification. Note: Skip Step 3 ''submit your wallet address below''. The bot will not respond to step 3. Your airdrop tokens will be distributed to your Nexxo account.

5. Invite friends with your unique referral link and receive 2241 NEXXO tokens for each referral.

6. You will see your token balance on your Nexxo dashboard.

Social required: Telegram, Youtube, Email
Token Symbol: NEXXO
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Claim Airdrop:

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