Oodlebit Airdrop

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OODL is a team made up of traders, investors, dreamers, and innovators that are building a trading platform and other blockchain mediums which will shape a better future for our society. The founder Nicholas Dooley can also be found on Telegram, be sure to ask him any questions you have!

* Step to Claim:

1. Sign up on the Oodlebit Website (20 OODL)

2. Share on Twitter (10 OODL)

3. Join Telegram (10 OODL)

You will receive 40 OODL tokens. You can also earn 5 OODL tokens for every referral.

Social required: Telegram, Twitter, Email
Token Symbol: OODL
Token Type: ERC20 (Ethereum)
Claim Airdrop: https://oodltrack.com/tracker.php?affid=3446&l=0

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