BORA Chain Network

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BORA is a decentralized entertainment platform focused to distribute digital contents and provide incentives to participants

BORA Chain Network

Layer-2 blockchain structure utilizes decentralized Ethereum network to acquire stability and usability

* PoA — Sufficient transaction performance for larger user service

* Multi Channeling — Scalability and to ensure service availability

* Modular Structure — Ensure unit application independence and stability

* Dear BORA Community.

* Thank you for your support and encouragement to BORA.

* BORA token was listed on Global exchange Coinsuper on January 15, 2019.

* Since then, due to the sudden change in prices shortly after the listing, many people are worried about the current price and also have concerns about plans. We understand that many people are confused by unfounded speculation and rumors about the project and we would like to take some time to explain the current situation and share the future plan.

* Listing and trading price of BORA token

Unfortunately, the current crypto and blockchain market does not have a standard guideline for objective assessment of the technical performance, business feasibility, and potential growth of individual projects. We believe this is a weakness of this industry, which lacks the means to support the initial token price logically. Therefore, the price of the token follows the flow of the major coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides, the supply and demand of individual token and the expectations of the project team’s vision are mixed together to create a complex market. There is a consensus within the industry to prove its value through the real output, and the position of our company that is committed to launching killer-titles is not much different from others.

BORA Application

Providing user-friendly web portal and mobile application

* User Accounts and asset Management

* Token usage and conversion 

* Access to applications within ecosystems. 

* User-friendly UI/UX

Future use-cases

BORA consists of both unique BORA Chain and Token Economic Structure.
It can be utilized in various forms including online and mobile games, digital entertainment, and all other previous fields of business that are better suited for blockchain BORA will bring advanced and cutting-edge technology for every business as well as whole ecosystem creates greater market value.






ETH WALLET: 0x54384F7AF6c6B7F2C368e889B52E0aFCFC279a7d

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