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10 facts about Apple: Everywhere you see

Jan 12, 2020

1. The most wrong decision in the life of an old Apple leader

If you look a little, we will know that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs - later the CEO - and Steve Wozniak was born and developed from the first foundations. However, few people remember that there is one more name left untouched: Ronald Wayne.

Wayne is also a cofounder similar to the two of the above Steve. But in an impulsive minute for some reason, he decided to leave the company, selling his entire personal stake (10%) for $ 800 to others after only 12 days of founding Apple. If you continue to work hard with Apple to build up today, only that $ 800 stake is now worth up to $ 100 billion.

2. The first Apple computer did not have a screen and a keyboard

Apple 1 - the first computer product launched under the Apple brand is actually only the main part of electronic circuit board. It is not even sold with an external frame, screen or keyboard. If you want to use it, you must find it for yourself, and of course make a circuit board case to protect it from damage.

3. Steve Jobs was "exiled" in "Siberia".

When the Apple Macintosh line came out and it failed miserably, Jobs was dismissed from Apple's board of directors, and senior executives allowed only to work in a separate office elsewhere, not Apple headquarters. According to some sources, it was a relatively small, obscure place and only a secretary and a guard were on duty.

However, the reason it got the name "Siberia" is because Steve Jobs called it that place, not because he was mercilessly chased by the company to work in the real Siberian country.

4. After chasing Steve Jobs away, Apple regrets and calls him home

In the process of leaving Apple, Steve Jobs founded his own company - NeXT - in 1985, developing a new operating system of its own. Then, realizing the potential is important, Apple bought the company for $ 427 million, of course, Steve Jobs must be brought back to work for himself. By 2000, Steve Jobs, with greater experience and role, was re-appointed as CEO of Apple,

The product operating system originally created by NeXT has gradually been improved and further improved, becoming the first Mac OS version as we know it is still popular today. Since then, the reputation of the new Apple computer line is clearly affirmed.

5. The brightest talent face of Apple

Although it is undeniable that Steve Jobs' contributions, contributions and outstanding leadership to help bring Apple to the peak of today, the title of talented talent belongs to another name: Jony Ive.

His real name is Jonathan Paul Ive, currently serves as vice president of product design for Apple, chief designer of individual projects and divisions, and also holds a consultant position at the College of Fine Arts. Royal London. Golden milestones for Apple like the iPod. The iMac and the iPhone both have a huge part of Ive's contribution to them today. Even in 2012, Ive was knighted at Buckingham Palace in his home town for his achievements.

6. What does the "i" in iPhone, iPad ... stand for?

The iMac was the first product to make the "i" prefix appear widely to the people of the world, as a feature of Apple, then to the iPod, iPhone and iPad. During the iMac launch, Steve Jobs said: "Although this is still a product of the Macintosh line, the iMac will be developed to optimize the most important experience that users want in a machine. computer today - it is a fast and simple Internet connection. "

As such, we can understand that "i" means "Internet", in addition, it is also mentioned by Jobs with a few guidelines and goals Apple towards, such as "individual". (personal experience), "instruct" (guidance and navigation), "inform" (quick update information), "inspire" (inspiration).

7. The iPhone project is called "Project Purple" to protect the secret

Project Purple is the name Steve Jobs gave to Apple's iPhone design project as a way to distract outsiders, not to give them any chance of obtaining confidential information about this plan. There were more than 1,000 people working around the clock preparing for the birth of the iPhone, most of which kept everything really serious. Reportedly, Apple spent $ 150 billion in just 30 months just to make everything as comprehensive as possible for its first iPhone.

On June 29, 2007, the first-generation iPhone 2G was launched, officially redefining the habits of users worldwide. In particular, "9:41" was the time when Steve Jobs publicly introduced the iPhone, so it was still considered the standard setting to appear in every iPhone ad.

8. Where does the "apple" logo come from?

In fact, the origin of the flawed apple logo for the Apple logo did not take much effort to create the brain as many people think. The fact that they are one of the leading famous brands in the world does not mean that everything must be "the top of the peak", because in the early days of the establishment, Apple was just a grain of sand in the market.

According to the story of Steve Jobs, he used to have a series of time to exchange and work closely on an apple farm and loves it as well as the work here. Jobs said that apples are a symbol of joy, enthusiasm and friendliness, so they are always a guideline for his future company.

What about the characteristic "bad apple bite" mark, perhaps Steve Jobs is also a person who likes to eat bad apples? Many people think that is a way for Apple to remember Alan Turing - the father of computer technology - because he was discovered suicide by cyanide poison, with a half-eaten apple that fell on the side of his body. when found. But Apple has denied it completely, saying it only makes a bite mark to ... users do not mistake the apple for a cherry.

9. CEO Tim Cook once offered organ donation to former CEO Steve Jobs

In the past, Tim Cook has proposed a plan to donate a part of his liver to his teacher Steve Jobs when he fell ill since 2004 with a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, until 2009 it was so weak that it was impossible to the company.

Steve Jobs is a rare blood type, so it is difficult to find a suitable person, fortunately Tim Cook has tested the blood and accidentally found himself with the same blood type characteristics. Through the results of the assessment, the ability to remove only a small part of Tim Cook's liver and transplant organs for Steve Jobs, prolonging his life for him is entirely possible - but Jobs has strongly refused and objected to knowing believe. Finally, he died in 2011, at the age of 56.

10. The first technology company to reach 1,000 billion USD of market value

Although not unique, but specifically in the field of technology, Apple is the first name to reach this milestone. Whether this value will change much up and down in the future, or Apple may drop below $ 1 billion tomorrow for a few minutes, they still deserve to list when the series of you Other big still chasing followers, including Google, Microsoft or Amazon.
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