Advanced Social Sharing Pro is addon for WoWonder v3.1.1 & above. This addon allow your users to share their public post on whatsapp, facebook, facebook messenger, twitter, vk,, linkedin, pintrest, reddit, digg, tumblr, email, gmail, sms, skype, telegram, viber. Total 18 sharing services are supported.
Motors App is a brand new React native app that gives you the ability to synchronize data between your website and app. No Paid Plugins Needed, Everything Inside. Launch your iOS and Android apps today! The app is fully compatible with the Motors ­WordPress Theme.
This Milk Delivery App system assists the owners to manage the whole system that may include customer management, billing, product management and get the full record through the admin dashboard. Milk production and distribution is a long and lengthy process.
WooFood is an online food delivery plugin for WordPress that works with WooCommerce, a light and simple Windows theme and software, to create your online food delivery system for your fast food, pizzeria, coffee shop or restaurant. MultiStore function - for merchants with multiple stores.