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4 Ways To Increase The Speed Of WiFi At Home Has Been Accurate

Apr 11, 2020

To be able to give the best setting, we need to know Wifi is essentially a radio type like radio. But the difference is that it has a shorter wavelength, so the ability to travel far depends very much on the direction and direction of the antenna, so scientists have drawn 4 "secrets" about how to set up Wifi Router as below.

1. Put the Wifi Router in the middle of the house

People still often have the habit of placing Wifi Router in hidden and difficult-to-see places because it carries a tangle of tangled wires and is easy to cling to dust, making the home's aesthetic significantly reduced.

But in fact, scientists said that placing the Wifi Router in the corner of the room in hidden places and obstructing many obstacles will cause Wifi waves to be struck and cancel each other, making the short range now shorter.

The simplest solution is to move it to an open position from which you can look at or at least close to your usual working position.

2. Do not place the Router on the floor

As mentioned above, a lot of people have a habit of placing Wifi in the corner of the room and close to the ground, placing in the corner obstructed is a minus point, but placing the Router on the ground also wastes more Wifi waves. because under the concrete floor is usually a woven wire mesh system to keep the concrete stable over time.

However, this layer of wire mesh will absorb very strong Wifi waves and many types of Wifi on the market often tend to broadcast the strongest downwards, so placing the Router close to the floor will cause a huge amount of power. The emitted amount is absorbed right into the wire mesh under the floor and cannot be transmitted throughout the room. The same is true for concrete walls, so do not place the Router under the ground and near thick walls.

The simple way is to place the Router on a desk, cabinet or any other home appliance about 40 cm high and made of non-metallic material.

3. Stay away from electronics

This third secret has been heard at least once, the theory is that electronics, motorized electrical devices will generate an electromagnetic field around it, this electromagnetic field will cause interference. revert to the Wifi signal and make it unable to travel long distances. That is why we should not place the Router near electrical equipment.

4. Rotate the antenna in 2 directions perpendicular to each other

The truth is that devices that use Wifi will work best when the antenna inside the device is aligned with the router's antenna.

Laptops on the table always have a horizontal antenna, and the horizontal or vertical phone depends on how we handle them. So the optimal measure is to have 2 antennas 1 horizontal 1 vertical to optimize for both directions as shown above.

If you are violating one of the four things above, you are wasting a lot of time because you have to wait for your computer or phone to load the page at a much slower speed. Please amend immediately!!
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