Is the mole screen better than the notch solution?

When it was first introduced, "rabbit ears" has caused a lot of controversy both from users and manufacturers. But then finally, we can't deny that the “rabbit ears” wave has become more popular than ever in the mobile market, especially in 2018.

Huawei, Samsung are the first manufacturers to introduce devices with a "mole" screen, a solution that is expected to replace the future "rabbit ears" with a small round hole to accommodate the selfie camera.

However, whether this design can overcome the remaining weaknesses of the "rabbit ears" or merely possess a higher aesthetic, let me analyze in this article based on the sharing. of Android Central.

1. Simply a form factor?

The "mole" screen will use some techniques to help obscure the selfie camera when the screen is off or when the display is dark, which helps to increase the aesthetics of the device. But is this the only thing this design can offer?

Although the section cut off on the screen is very small, looking at us will feel no seamlessness. In addition, this screen design even wastes more space than the "water" notch.

The area from the bezel to the camera section will not be shown any information, instead usually the notification icons.

In addition, Google and application developers are customizing the interface for software and applications to fit the notch, so this new screen will make it difficult for users to use.

Worse, the "mole" screen only contains the selfie camera, there will be no infrared sensor, LED flash or facial recognition sensors like the "notch" can bring.

2. Asymmetric

The biggest problem that most users feel dissatisfied with this "mole" screen is the asymmetry. Many people ask why manufacturers do not place the camera in the middle of the screen like a "water drop" notch, but this will cause more inconvenience.

Selecting the left or right angle to set the camera will make the video viewing experience more comfortable, as the corners are areas that are less noticeable. However, everything has its two sides, this arrangement accidentally creates a sense of screen deviation when used.

3. Interrupted gaming experience

Many users spend a lot of time playing games and watching movies on their phones, so this "mole" screen design will cause discomfort.

Many games have in-game tools or features placed at the top and bottom of the screen, so when the camera is turned horizontally, the selfie camera hole accidentally obscures this area, although they are still available when pressed. .


Actually, every design has its own strengths and weaknesses. The "mole" screen helps to provide a higher screen-to-body ratio, saves space and is less obscure, but there are also some weaknesses such as asymmetry, not optimal with applications,...

Companies like Huawei and Honor are trying to prove that the "mole" is the future of smartphone screens. However, whether this will become a reality, let's wait and see how many smartphones are launched this year will use this design.

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