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Change Facebook Messenger background color on your computer very nicely

Feb 28, 2020

As you know, on other social networking applications such as Line, Zalo allows you to select the background image for your mailbox (chatbox). However, up to now Facebook does not have this feature nor disclosed anything about adding this feature to Facebook. And if you like this feature you can refer to the following:
  • First, you must use Google Chrome or Coc Coc browser, open the browser and download the Background For FB Inbox plugin.
  • After adding the add-on, turn it on and off, open your browser, open your Facebook, open the Chatbox, select the settings icon, select Background Image.
  • A dialog box appears, select Upload and select the image you want, select the green tick to complete.
Note: Many of you often use the web to communicate. To insert the background you also access the web select the image icon on the right corner.

Through the article, you can make your mailbox (chatbox) become more beautiful, interesting and different from everyone.
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