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Decipher why Nokia 6.1 Plus will sell out quickly

Jan 09, 2020

1. Beautiful design follows the trend

Nokia 6.1 Plus is the first Nokia smartphone to use the notch design which is very popular in the market today. This detail is still controversial, you may not like it, but you cannot deny it creates originality.

The screen border is also narrowed by Nokia, bringing the display ratio on the front up to 86%, both to help users hold and manipulate comfortably with one hand while improving the visual experience. Besides, as the tradition of Nokia phones, Nokia 6.1 Plus is exquisitely machined and completely finished, giving off a luxurious beauty.

2. Quality screen, allowing rabbit ears off

If you don't like the notch, just turn it off in the settings. Not only that, the Nokia 6.1 Plus screen also scores in the display quality that can be said to be among the best in the segment: high brightness, wide viewing angles, reasonable white balance and mid-reproduced colors. real.

Especially, if you often operate in the dark, have to look more at the screen, you can turn on the blue light filter mode to protect the eyes.

3. Good configuration in the segment

Nokia 6.1 Plus integrates octa-core Snapdragon 636 chip, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM (can be extended to 400 GB with a memory card) to help the device open applications quickly, smoothly handle most tasks, multitasking smooth and store many games - applications to serve the needs of work and entertainment of users.

When testing scores with popular software, the Nokia 6.1 Plus scored 115,976 Antutu points (of which the GPU score is 21,191), the Geekbench score is 1,340 (single-core) and 4,860 (multi-core). Actual experience shows that the machine can play heavy games like Asphalt 8, PUBG Mobile or Lien Quan Mobile at the highest setting. Not only that, Nokia 6.1 Plus is equipped with a modern USB Type-C port that allows plugging in both directions and provides faster transfer speeds, a big plus because many products in the same segment are still available. Use old micro USB standard.

4. Belonging to the Android One project

Nokia 6.1 Plus only runs Android 8.1 Oreo, but because of the Android One project (a partnership with Google), the device will be upgraded to the operating system in the shortest time right after Google introduces a new version, instead because you have to wait for months if you own other Android phones.

5. Nokia 6.1 Plus

In addition, Nokia 6.1 Plus also has face unlock mode, providing a convenient unlocking solution. It also supports AR (augmented reality) - technology that's forecast to be the trend of the future for a better user experience.

6. Good selling price

Since coming back, Nokia has "known its people" when offering quite reasonable prices for the product. They do not "illusion power" to put themselves on par with Samsung, Apple but do not lower themselves too low, because Nokia is still a big name nonetheless.

That philosophy continues to be implemented by HMD Global (the company that owns the Nokia brand) with Nokia 6.1 Plus. Spend 6.59 million, you get a smartphone with Snapdragon 636 chip, 4 GB RAM, 64 GB ROM and soon be "released" new Android version, not bad at all, right?
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