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Dell EMC POWERVAULT ME4 - New, simple, efficient and economical storage solution

Mar 11, 2020

ME4 Series is suitable for small and medium businesses, this line of DellEMC disc cabinets is priced from only $ 10,000. Powervault ME4 provides organizations with an easy-to-use storage and use solution, with equipment installation time not exceeding 15 minutes. Graphic management tools, based on the familiar HTML5 web-based platform, will help users operate smoothly, from monitoring disk health to storage allocation and more. In terms of deployment, ME4 allows connection according to SAN / DAS standard, meeting different usage needs.

With SSD, ME4 can provide strong performance, DellEMC said that there are up to 320,000 IOPS. ME4 is also built to ensure reliability with 5 available points. ME4 increases capacity up to 4PB in raw capacity through the auxiliary 12G SAS. DellEMC PowerVault ME4 Series disk cabinets come with all the necessary software for administration, allocation, and data protection. ME4 supports current popular protocols including FC, SAS, iSCSI, instant backup (snapshots), on-site data code (SEDs), multi-protocol data synchronization, triple disk stratification layer, distributed RAID (Distributed RAID), SSD as a read cache (SSD Read Cache), thin provisioning (Thin Provisioning), and integration with VMware vSphere / vCenter and SRM.

The PowerVault ME4 Series disk cabinets have an extended storage capacity for the server, which is optimally designed to connect directly to Dell PowerEdge 13G and 14G servers, according to either RBOD or JBOD mechanisms.

Connecting ME4 directly to the PowerEdge server simplifies server scaling and thus increases processing performance for enterprise applications.

Depending on business needs, ME4 has three frame options: ME4012, ME4024 and ME4048. ME4012 and ME4024 are both 2U chassis that can come with single or dual controller and can be expanded to about 3PB. The core difference between the two is that the ME4012 supports 12 3.5 "drives, of which the ME4024 supports 24 2.5" drives. DellEMC also offers a larger chassis as part of the PowerVault ME4 series. ME4048 is a 5U chassis with dual controller configuration and onboard, it has support for 84 3.5 "drives. All systems can be extended with ME412 (2U, 12 3.5" drives) , ME424 (2U, 24 2.5 "drives) or ME484 (5U, 84 3.5" drives) are available as JBOD.

A point worth noting is that DellEMC is using their own chassis based on PowerEdge designs, with Seagate (Dot Hill) controllers. While these controllers are available from other vendors, DellEMC believes it has an advantage in integration and scalability in VMware, Microsoft and even HPC environments.

DellEMC also offers ME4 in "Future Proof Loyalty". DellEMC's industry-leading program aims to bring peace of mind and satisfaction to customers when investing in technology, as well as ensuring future technological changes.
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