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Free Online Good Games Online, Too Good For Lunar New Year Celebration

Dec 26, 2019

Islands of Nyne - Official gameplay trailer

Islands of Nyne is a new Battle Royale genre game with a future theme with gameplay similar to PUBG, but the impressive point is that this game has extremely excellent graphics. In July, it was the game that once surpassed its upperclasses on Steam's bestseller charts, but didn't last long. This is free, the product promises to become a lot more!

If you do not know, Islands of Nyne was developed for 3 years as a first-person shooter game, but then 'rotated' into the Battle Royale genre for the right style. upper. It was the sci-fi idea that made this game's distinctive highlight, from shooting to moving, flying, and acrobatic fun.

The Human Studios LLC team has been developing the Islands of Nyne since the end of 2015 with a visionary, unique PvP features that make it easy to change to serve the market. Currently, the game promises to bring the feeling of confrontation between gamers feeling much more excited than PUBG or any other game like Fortnite or Rules of Survival ... because of the fast and stressful gun battle to fierce. In addition, the game also focuses on a lot of balance when the Islands of Nyne has an extremely large weapons system with specific strengths and weaknesses. Gameplay is very much dependent on the skill of the gamer, not just the hegemony gun gives advantages!

Relic Raiders

Relic Raiders is an online shooting game that combines MOBA and survival. The game released in the form of free-for-all (free for everyone) is currently in the early access stage on Steam, it sounds interesting, right, let's go to its gameplay.

All 16 players will appear in a fiery battlefield, where the winner is the last survivor. The game has a lot of different character classes, each with their own unique stats and unique weapons. Although there is no leveling system, you can increase your fighting or resisting ability by destroying energy cores scattered across the area. Relic Raiders combines the gameplay of a typical MOBA game with a twin-stick shooting mechanism that creates a dizzying style of personalization.

There will be more game modes, but right now in this initial test version, the main mode is called "Rise & Brawl", which allows 16 players to appear in a narrowed area every time period. definitely to force people to fight each other. Assessing this is an interesting game, easy to get acquainted with many players, feels both great and attracted by the "danger". And emphasize again, it's free, so why not try to start the war right away?

Shroud of the Avatar

After a period of operation as a fee to buy the game, finally the interesting action role-playing online game Shroud of the Avatar has decided to convert the business form into a completely free playing time.

If you do not know, Shroud of the Avatar was developed by Richard Garrott, who is also known by the veteran gaming community as Lord British, who created the hit series Ultima.

The graphics of Shroud of the Avatar just stopped at being easy to see, and even though it was an online game launched in 2014, the images in the game still have many blurry points, which are not really smooth and true.

The fighting style of Shroud of the Avatar is quite special when it is a combination of action style with some characteristics of card games. Overall, the gameplay in Shroud of the Avatar is still a familiar "target" style, but the skill roll will be based on the selection of available cards placed on the toolbar.

Players will have about 10 cards placed on the toolbar, respectively marked with hot keys from 0-9, and it is worth noting that after each skill launch, the card used will automatically change. exchange and transfer to another card.

Overall, this is a relatively special role-playing game with many new features gamers can not help but try.

Zeus' Battlegrounds

Zeus' Battlegrounds takes us to an ancient Greek setting where warriors fight to find the last survivor. Unlike online games with similar gameplay, the story behind Zeus' Battlegrounds makes perfect sense, when Zeus is known as a "sleazy" god who can make love to any woman. with heart. And you will play the role of a demigod, along with more than 100 of your "brothers" to find out who is the "beloved" child of Zeus.

For the gameplay of the game, similar to other battleroyale series, you will have to land on a location, loot items, and become the last survivor. However, a disadvantage of Zeus' Battlegrounds is that you will not be able to find any resources besides the buildings, except for the "hearing" crate, so it will be a disaster if you land in the field. no butt and running all the way to the end of the game and still not have any sticky things on him.

Besides, Zeus' Battlegrounds is not a pay-to-win game. There will still be store functions that exist and they will only be available for purchase for the character and decoration of the characters used through the Tokens money units loaded from real money. The experience system allows you to upgrade, get free items and many other support items such as experience points, ...

The ideas of this new Battle Royale game are great, but because they are still in the testing phase, they will need to be properly edited, especially in teamfights, bugs, bugs, so that players cannot taking advantage of them and cheating, ultimately optimizing so that the game can reach more players.
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