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Galaxy Note10 and an eight-year journey to bring about the smartphone world

Jan 01, 2020

Eight years later, Samsung launched the Galaxy Note10 and was the only counterweight to the Android world before Apple. So in the last eight years, how has Samsung changed the mindset of smartphones through its Note?

Eight years ago, no one knew where to develop a smartphone, but many companies followed the idiotic ideal "3.5-inch screen is the most ideal".

At that time, there was a manufacturer who dared to overcome prejudices and dare to be different from the rest of the smartphone world, creating a product called Galaxy Note that created new standards that the company did not. which technology ever explored.

When the phone companies at that time were struggling to copy each other, Samsung became a shining star. And when the phone only meets the simple goals of users like texting, calling or surfing the Internet, the appearance of the Galaxy Note has completely changed this mindset.

The first Note appeared to bring a whole new concept, breaking all previous definitions of a smartphone that only "should have a 3.5-inch screen", becoming a screen-sized phone. Biggest current picture: 5.3 inches. And above all, it has served the work of the user perfectly thanks to the appearance of the S Pen stylus.

After that time, many other phone companies followed Samsung, leaving the idea of 3.5 inch screen to reach the trend of bigger size and the most evident proof is that after 8 years, we have seen the screen. Smartphone screen is increasingly "blooming" to reflect the actual needs of users over the years.

8 years is a long journey, but it marks the maturity of the Galaxy Note series. A few companies have followed, but only Samsung has been successful and has continued to receive support from users every time the new Note product launches. This year, the Galaxy Note marks the 10th edition, a number that means a lot of maturity, completeness and holiness.

As one of the largest electronics companies in the world with a team of research and design engineers among the top of the market, Samsung is always launching products that apply the new technology quickly and effectively.

Grasping the psychology of high-end product users, Samsung's Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series is constantly improving and the recent Galaxy Note10 is a typical example of a new smartphone era.

With the Galaxy Note 10 behind, Samsung has launched a super product that makes any opponent have to say hello to a series of multitasking powers.

Overcoming the barrier of thinking "only for entrepreneurs"

The Sung pen is increasingly useful for users, not only for regular note taking but also for remote control. However, Samsung has never stopped or fell asleep on the victory, on Galaxy Note10 it once again improved the S Pen's features to prove that a good product can still be better.

Galaxy Note10 has come up with a utility that helps work smoothly and quickly, allows handwriting to text and supports Vietnamese. This makes it possible for anyone to take quick notes manually and then complete on the phone itself in PDF or Word documents.

For the first time in smartphone history, the Galaxy Note10 has become the only device that can show its versatility, being useful in a variety of industries from office, art, design or even people. content creation. For active users, Galaxy Note10 is the tool for them to work anywhere, from home to the street, from the company to the cafe. With just a phone in hand, users can take notes quickly and switch to continue working with the laptop as soon as they return to the office without any barriers, thanks to Samsung's new DeX feature. .

Samsung has taken its smartphone beyond the boundaries, making it a super product that no one can do. Any content creator will find the S Pen and Galaxy Note10 useful when allowing more interaction on the camera, along with a powerful configuration so it can be edited straight on the phone. quickly without going through a computer like before.

And above all, the new camera system that offers many focal solutions and Super Steady stabilization again shows that Galaxy Note10 is a product that can replace the heavy luggage of previous vloggers. Its versatility and versatility has been beyond the reach of a business-only product.

With these remarkable changes, Galaxy Note10 deserves prestigious awards, from DxOMark with a score of 113 - becoming the best camera phone available today to DisplayMate with 13 screen records.

Not only being the leader in design, the Galaxy Note10 also shows its versatility and perfection in many different aspects: from the high-quality screen, the best camera in the market, to the S Pen with many features. Great backend for work and play. Samsung has never let users down when new products are born. All of these "sweet fruits" are due to perseverance, despite all to open Samsung's own path 8 years ago. And above all, the success of this Korean giant also comes from looking at the actual needs of users to develop products, to go from the good to the better.
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