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Google Maps adds a new feature to support local businesses

May 28, 2020

In the announcement, Google Maps Vice President Jen Fitzpatrick said the new features allow users to check information about the link (link) calling for donations or buying vouchers (coupons) of businesses they are interested in. .

In the coming weeks, Google Maps will allow search engines to find all the surrounding restaurants calling for financial help to overcome the crisis.

According to Vice President Fitzpatrick, Google has protocols to check whether businesses calling for support work legally.

Google Maps added support for local businesses after its search on "how to help small businesses" spiked in March as countries around the world began to impose style. radiated by COVID-19 epidemic.

On the same day, Google has added 18 countries, including Italy, Spain and Japan, to the list of countries where business owners can insert links to support or buy coupons on. online profile. This listing was originally available in over 10 countries.

Google Maps is the popular map application of the US technology giant, Google, with more than 1 billion hits per month. It now updates the map data of 220 countries and territories, as well as updates the online traffic situation in 171 countries.
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