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Google redesigned the Android brand for the first time since 2014

Jan 01, 2020

Google has just released the latest brand identity for Android - this is the third official design since Android was introduced, and is the first change since 2014 to date. . The new logo changes the design of the word "Android", comes a new color palette, and officially says goodbye to the familiar green robot image, when on this logo, this robot only has the head. come on.

At first glance, the new brand looks elegant, and indeed it is. But that doesn't mean it doesn't mean much. In fact, the closer you look, the more you will notice the subtlety of Google when it comes to this new design.

You won't see the words "Android" stand alone anymore, because the robot's head will always appear next to it. lowercase letters, and looks quite similar to the design back in 2014. It may be considered an evolution rather than a revolution, but it is clearly a noticeable change.

More importantly, Google has added a element to the brand: the Android name will always come with a green robot head. You will not see the words "Android" stand alone anymore, but the appearance of the robot head is right (above image) or right above (as shown below).

As mentioned above, the head is the only part of the robot that is retained, and the body is probably a thing of the past. It makes sense, because in the new logo, the image of the robot's head will appear everywhere, so Google has to simplify the robot to fit the logo. The head of the robot is also tweaked on the curvature, the position of the eyes and the antenna pair to match the curves and the placement of the word "android" next to it.

Because the robot body is no more, Google designed the head to be more expressive and look more "human". Like we have seen on previous Android versions, you'll notice that the robot's head and antenna are in different positions when expressing other emotions. Google intends to change a lot of fun things on the robot's head to help it express emotions without needing the whole body to move around.

The main version of the new Android logo has black characters (or white when in high contrast mode). Google also introduced a new color palette that can be applied to both font colors. The whole palette is based on the new Android blue, which looks a bit lighter because of less yellow. Next to the new green are the new blue and navy, as well as dark orange, light yellow and light blue.

Google will provide partners with documentation on how to choose and match colors, but generally, companies will be able to use them the way they want. The aforementioned set of six colors (plus black and white) are designed to work together, regardless of how they are coordinated or arranged.

The new colors complement each other quite well, while still ensuring good contrast between any two colors together when placed them side by side. The new color palette is highly generalized and inspired by colors used on recent hardware products from Google. You can quickly recognize the navy blue of the Pixel Slate, the orange of the Home Mini, and the rest of the Pixel phones.

The fact that Google is making major changes to the Android brand at this time - when nearly 2.5 billion Android devices are active worldwide - is a big surprise. These changes will undoubtedly make a significant impact in the way the brand expresses itself, and in the way users perceive the brand.
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