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Half After 2019, Will The Time Operate Powerful?

Dec 21, 2019

From the first fakeAV malware, to the Police malware, and most recently, crypto-ransomware ... Basically, these threats, despite being prevented, are still changing, smoldering waiting for a fight. new attack. According to security experts, the second half of 2019 is the time to be alert for the threat of new malware.

Through statistics, you will also easily recognize the most active time of them is 2016 and 2017 whether in launching attacks or constantly appearing new variants of malicious code. By 2018, there are two factors that have weakened them:
  1. Internet users have taken precaution and backed up their data before, when attacked, they simply recover data or simply replace a new hard drive.
  2. The world network security system has been cautious before the attack, typically the large companies in the world have constantly improved security systems, applied artificial intelligence machine learning technology. to continually figure out how to handle this malicious code.
However, in the first half of 2019 we recorded a number of high profile attacks aimed at blackmailing large companies, many of whom have decided to pay ransom or have to accept many losses. weeks to work data recovery. The attacks have warned us that hackers have not stopped and they are ready for a new attack.

Experts also regularly send annual reports to organizations and large companies to help them somewhat understand what is going to happen in the future, and provide them with solutions to handle if that happens. And do not be subjective with existing defense systems, because more than anyone we understand that malicious code is constantly changing and evolving daily.

Who is in the sights of malicious code?

Instead of just choosing a certain object, malicious code often select multiple targets to spread. Hackers will choose companies because in this environment, ransomware will spread very quickly and need not be explained much, companies are also the perfect object for paying to retrieve data.

Government organizations, manufacturing, and health care are the three industries with more malicious code than any other industry. Hackers also use open source tricks (also known as OSINT), with this trick they will sum up the personal information of each victim, then conduct an integrated analysis of user habits even identify After that, they have determined that the person's relationship and company then attacked. There are several reasons why this OSINT process is so important to Hackers:
  • Understand the organization's business model and thereby choose how to influence the victim's critical system, via email, or phone calls etc. Will cause them damage in terms of reputation.
  • The more important information a victim has, the more confidential it becomes, when a Ransomware attack specifically blocks information, the higher the company will pay the ransom.
  • Understanding the victim's security process will make it easier to take advantage of them.
In the second half of 2019, hackers are bound to find ways to attack further diversify into industries with large business systems, which could target corporate infrastructure. , seriously affecting the ability to work and coordinate the products of the victim company.

Once they have decided on a victim, they will certainly do everything they can to seduce one of the company's employees to click on and the Ransomware starts the infection process. The risks could be from anonymous Emal, from mobile app apps or via personal computers and the network.

The beginning of Ransomware attacks?

There are many cases of Ransomware infection that have been recorded in recent times and are still increasing day by day, constantly changing to be harder to detect. We also found that they often chose to spread the infection from employees of the victim company because this is a young object and easy to use social media, but that's the story at the top. in 2019, the second half is another story:
  • Hackers have created new malware, completely improved from before, even automatically aggregating victim information for their OSINT process.
  • Even our experts have found a plethora of user information sold on Dark Web sites and are even very valuable, which may be the way they will attack in unison.
  • Manual login exploits, or even those who use a hack tool, everything you are entering on the keyboard is at risk of becoming the next victim.
As mentioned in the previous section, recent Ransomware are much more efficient thanks to updating the new trend through artificial intelligence technology combined with methods of data theft, Trojan tracking users before, Obfuscation techniques used to encrypt malicious code, confusing those who are dealing. Not only that, they are constantly updated, upgraded by new hackers despite the strict security of large companies.

Here, we also discovered that in order to legalize uploading on application pages, Hackers also have more fake tricks to make a legitimate company, the certificates they steal are also used to make purchases. increase the likelihood of being reviewed or made it seem very legitimate even if it is malware.

We think that in the near future, hackers will use Ransomware to target victims of higher positions, so organizations need to be vigilant against Ransomware in the second half of 2019. Note that, they will do everything, every trick to be able to hijack your computer, thereby encrypting the entire computer and ransom.

Unless you have a lot of money to pay for each time your data is encrypted, prevent it, upgrade your company's security system, and start thinking about finding yourself a solution. Comprehensive solution for this.
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