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How to copy other people's Google Drive files to your account (New 2020)

May 25, 2020
There is only one problem: Google Drive does not include the option to copy folders and all its files. You will need a few workarounds to copy a directory and its files. Here's how:

Copy your Google Drive file

First, you'll need to open the Google Drive folder in your browser, then press Ctrl + A or Or drag your mouse over all the files. To select all files.

Then right-click and choose Make a copy.

That will create a new copy of each of those files, right in the same directory and after their original file name.

Move the copied file into a new Google directory

Now, select all files, right click again and this time choose Move to. You can select an existing folder or click the icon with a folder in the lower right corner of the menu to add new folders for your copied files.

It's a bit more work and your copied files will have a new name, but it's the only integrated way to copy a file folder in Google Drive.

Copy all data in Google Drive of others

First, we click on the folder again and go to Open with. We then click connect another application.

Next, we search for the phrase "folder". Find and install the Copy, URL to Google Drive app. This app helps us copy all data in Google Drive.
After we have installed, then we click on the folder and go to Open with. Then we click the Copy application, URL to Google Drive is available.

Finally we just need to click Save, Copy to Google Drive and wait for the copy of the folder containing all data to finish.

And this is how to copy our data.

In addition, we have a way to get shared folders by simply as follows:

First, we open the shared Drive folder. Then click the folder again, but this time no longer have to click open it again. Which we will directly click on Add to my drive.

And there, it is a way to get shared folders via Google Drive.
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