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How to record video on your Windows 10 computer screen without software

Feb 27, 2020

What is the Game Bar?

Game Bar is a free application built into Windows 10 that helps you take photos, record screen videos, and broadcast video games.

Note: The Game Bar cannot record desktop screens and folders. If you are recording a video and switching to the desktop, the video will automatically stop recording.

Some quick shortcuts in Game Bar:

- Press [Windows] + G : Open the Game Bar quickly
- Press [Windows] + Alt + G : Record the last 30 seconds (you can change the time recorded in the Game Bar => Settings)
- Press [Windows] + Alt + R : Start / stop screen video recording
- Press [Windows] + Alt + Print Screen : Take screenshots of games and applications
- Press [Windows] + Alt + T : Show / hide recording time

You can change / add your own shortcuts in Game bar => Settings => Shortcuts

Tips: Customize to turn on / off the recording from the microphone by pressing the microphone icon button next to the Start recording button
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