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MOD Motherboard Bios Series 100/200 Series to Run CoffeeLake CPU

May 15, 2020

However, thanks to the block diagram design on the pins of CoffeeLake with Kabylake / Skylake. Some famous modders such as elisw, dsanke, littlehill MovAX and 0xDEAD from the win-raid forum have implemented a new microcode-loaded BIOS mod to run the latest CoffeeLake CPUs on older motherboards with the 100/200 Series chipset. (Skylake, Kabylake). The result is completely stable for Core i3 microprocessors and mod BIOS operation by loading microcode takes only about 10p for a person with basic knowledge.

However, the way this mod is applied to i5 and i7 CoffeeLake CPUs is not recommended due to power limitations as well as a little more complicated manipulation. That is to short 2 pin pin on the CPU, this short pin pin may affect performance or even product warranty problems.

The BIOS mod has many practical opinions, the ASRock product is very benign. The mod is very fast, runs smoothly and does not lose PCIEx like many other mobo (with these motherboards must use PCIEx patch).

In the picture, is the H270 Perfomance product which was modded by Hydro Shop dealer to run with i3 8100.

You can refer to the following 2 links:

1. Instruction to load BIOS with microcode to run with CoffeeLake CPU

2. How to fix not receiving PCIEx when using mobo outside ASRock

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