How to create a free VPS Windows 1GB RAM at

Prepare a mVISA Plus virtual VISA card

To create a free Windows VPS at you need to prepare yourself a virtual visa card. The VISA I used to write this article is TPBank's mVISA Plus card. You need to see the contents of creating a mVISA Plus card, do not forget to message activate the card.

Note: the card number only shows once when registering, you need to copy or take a picture of VISA card number of App Mygo TPBank.
Configuration of a free Windows VPS for 1 year at under G2.1GB package:

- 1 vCPU
- 40GB SSD
- 3 TB Transfer

Sign up for an account

Once you have prepared your VISA card, proceed to create your account below:

Sign up for a free VPS Windows

Click SignUp in the upper corner, enter Email and Password and click the SignUp button.

You will need to follow these steps sequentially:

1. Access to Email click on the confirmation link
2. When clicking on lin in Email, you will be redirected to the page to enter personal information and credit card.

Personal information, you enter the your address, Vietnamese without accents.

Credit card, you use the card mVisa Plus of TPBank his direction above.

3. Continue accessing the email you have registered, there will be an email with the card verification content. You click on the line Verify your payment.

Click on the link, you will be redirected to your card verification page. Now open the Mygo TpBank App, go to Transaction history section. You will see a transaction of 1 USD ~ VND 19,817 from ALANTIC NET - xxxxxx -zzzzzz. You copy 6 numbers xxxxxx at the back of the word ALANTIC NET - in the verification box.

If successful, you will receive an email with the content: "Payment information successfully verified". Now you need to wait a few hours to log in to your account. If you log in immediately, you will see the message "Account Is Currently Suspended", please rest assured, it's okay, about 2 hours after login again.

Create a free Windows VPS on

When I finished creating an account, it was about 23:00 in the morning, then I tried to login to in the morning to ok. Such account has been successfully activated. In total, you receive about 5 emails until your account is logged in.

Now start creating free Windows VPS only. You can only use the free G2.1GB plan with the following terms:

** For the first 12 months after registration, you get up to 750 hours of free G2.1GB per month. When your free usage period expires, you will be charged the standard service rate. The offer does not include bandwidth overload, backup costs, and licensing costs of the One-click WHM / cPanel Application. Just select G2.1GB Plan when adding Cloud Server to take advantage of this offer.

You visit the Add Server page to start creating a free Windows VPS for 1 year.

- Plan: G2.1GB
- Term: on-demand
- Server Name: Name the VPS for easy management.
- Type: Select the operating system you want to install on the VPS. Windows has Windows Server 2008/2012/2016/2019

Select Create Server

You will then be provided with an IP, Username, and Password to remote VPS with Remote Desktop. You can use Remote Desktop Manager to easily manage free Windows VPS.

VPS login information is also sent to your email, so do not worry if you close this window. It only takes about ~ 1 USD to create a 1 year Windows VPS for free on This price is quite cheap and easy to register for those who do not have a real VISA card.

** We don't host any of the files, this site only contains download links from 3rd party sites by individual users which are freely available on all over the Internet. This material was provided for informational purposes only. Administration is not responsible for its contents.

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