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Intelligent Learning Machine: Strengthening Control And Preventing Spam

Dec 22, 2019

Security is also not a part of that development, take a closer look at what has been done with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in an analysis campaign to prevent spam and phishing. malware.

Before researching on the issue of enhancing spam control and prevention, it is important to have a basic understanding of artificial intelligence and the concept of intelligent machine learning. This is especially important because artificial intelligence and machine learning have overlap in many areas but the special features are not really well understood.

According to reviews from TechRadar, Mike Moore noted that artificial intelligence uses powerful algorithms to allow the system to accomplish tasks more accurately and efficiently than humans. That opens the door for automation as well as other important processes, allowing the hardware to think and perform dangerous work on behalf of people.

On the other hand, intelligent machine learning is taking a new step and allowing computers to not only accomplish tasks with human intervention, but also to learn and innovate based on data and results from tasks. service.

Technology expert Patrick Nguyen summarized in Adweek: “AI is a technology that allows a system to show human-like intelligence. Smart machine learning is a type of AI that uses mathematical models based on data aggregation to make the most accurate decision. So, as more data is available, intelligent machine learning models will be able to make better decisions. ”

Overall, 15% of businesses are now using artificial intelligence. As predicted by CME, this number will increase to 31% next year. In addition, 47% of the leading technology corporations are using artificial intelligence.

Business leaders are focusing on developing artificial intelligence technology and intelligent machine learning.

For intelligent machine learning technology, the growth is also showing very clearly. Project Interprisers has shown that 90% of business leaders agree that automation supported by intelligent machine learning will help make more accurate decisions. Moreover, 27% of executives are helping machine learning experts develop their creativity.

As artificial intelligence technology and intelligent machine learning continue to revolutionize enterprise software and business strategy, professionals must have a clear vision of the difference to apply them. under appropriate conditions, including enhancing spam control by artificial intelligence and identifying and eliminating them with intelligent machine learning.

AI is a method to help comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

New European Union (EU) rules to protect the privacy of personal data went into effect in the spring of 2018, prompting many businesses to race to comply with those requirements. recently demonstrated through the use of an AI tool, created by the European University Institute, to analyze errors in the privacy policies of the top 14 technology companies. This artificial intelligence tool, called Claudette, shows that although organizations are trying to comply with the new law, it seems that they are still having difficulty complying with GDPR.

"One month after the GDPR was implemented, the aggregate result was: 11% of businesses were marked as unclear, while 33.9% were identified as having problems or inadequate supply," explains. information according to GDPR regulations. According to the report, no security policies have been analyzed that meet GDPR eligibility. ”

Claudette opens the door for the use of artificial intelligence technology to increase control of spam attacks from hackers.

Smart machine learning helps prevent spam

Running a business is a big and extremely important challenge for the organization today. According to Jon Oliver, one problem that is causing great difficulty is the existence of spam messages and fake mail containing malware. And that can be solved with advanced intelligent machine learning technology.

As Oliver explained, the processes to prevent spam require a huge amount of data, supporting "teaching" the system, allowing them to identify and prevent spam. This will present a lot of challenges, making spammers puzzled and difficult when using plain text messages, attachments that create spam containing malware.

The specialist has taken advantage of the intelligent machine learning capabilities in Anti-Spam Engine (TMASE) and Hosted Email Security (HES) for over a decade to build a huge data warehouse to support machine learning.

“Used in conjunction with other anti-spam layers such as Email Reputation, IP Profiler, Antispam Composite Engine, machine learning algorithms used to handle threat information and perform expert analysis. The deepest, helps to capture and prevent spam from the enterprise system. The strategy of using intelligent machine learning in anti-spam tools, involving the use of modern models, with reliable iterative methods to improve the accuracy of machine learning and data collection systems. at best, an important part of the spam processing process, ”experts from experts explained.

This way, with each new spam being created, the preventive measures allow machine learning to learn a bit about modern spam processes and approaches. And with spam containing malware, threatening the enterprise security system, smart machine learning will best support to identify and prevent spam before it reaches the recipient.

Through anti-spam methods, combining intelligent machine learning technology with other technologies, researchers found that 95% of spam has been identified and effectively prevented.

Artificial intelligence and intelligent machine learning will continue to grow as well as make an important contribution to information security in the future.
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