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Know This 3 Hinds You Won't Love Hacker Attack!

Dec 19, 2019

In fact, according to current studies of 2019 conducted by Accenture and the Ponemon Institute, the small attacks of hackers on companies have been increasing damage. Hackers often target these companies' database systems, then encrypt and demand ransom. Not only that, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to learning about the target company after they are certain they have just begun to attack.

Fortunately, at this point, most tech companies are looking for specific security partners to prevent Hacker attacks. At the same time, security experts also provide three helpful suggestions if unfortunately your company is the target of Hacker attacks:

Hint 1: The network should be divided into many different layers to prevent hackers from attacking

As you know, network infrastructure is often very complex, especially in large companies that will partly give the rights to each department, each individual. For example, employees, workstations, servers and some other separate parts will use completely different network lines.

The networks are very complex and difficult to manage, but when the company splits up the network, hackers will also be hard to control the entire network situation of the company. Even more companies have different levels of security for each intranet.

Typically these network segments will be managed by the company's IT department staff, all restrictions are also set by them to prevent Hacker attacks. This way, when there is a surprise attack, they can also handle by blocking the hacked network to prevent access to the remaining networks of the same system but different addresses.

Part of this process is usually to disconnect a network from a hacker attack, if the damage occurs within the network itself, the other networks will be safe, still better than all of the same damage. Large organizations often determine which resources are the most important in the company so that it assigns them the greatest level of security, limiting access to that resource.

Therefore, big companies always have very high standards when recruiting IT, they need really good people to be able to ensure the design of security systems for Hacker attacks and avoid the hackers. Information leak when leaking.

Hint 2: Network logs should be available for frequent access statistics and analysis

Gathering and analyzing access logs makes it possible for large organizations and companies to detect threats from hackers early on. Information technology and security experts will even get the full information of the attackers. For example, how hackers break into corporate networks and what their true goals are.

Network logs can also provide IT professionals with an in-depth look at the overall network performance of the company. Security experts who regularly monitor access logs will know when the attack will take place. They can scan for any suspicious activity in the intranet. This adds security as well as prevents an attack before Hacker causes further damage.

However, it must be said again that the use of a traffic log will only be effective if it is monitored regularly and analyzed in depth during suspicious access. When analyzing the log, it is possible for IT experts to recount the intrusion process of a certain access. Log analysis not only provides information about new threats but also allows control of other events on the intranet.

Hint 3: Need a technical team to handle network security incidents on the spot

Ideally, the company needs a team to respond to this incident with members with cross-functionality in different departments who can solve other incidents in the event of a hacker attack from multiple sources. different. This cyber security troubleshooting team should be isolated from the company's IT team and regularly trained to deal with truly sophisticated hacker attacks.

However, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to set up such a security troubleshooting team, usually internal IT staff and security experts at the company will handle the problem. This is because it's the system they work with every day that they'll be most experienced when being targeted by hackers. Therefore, the construction of additional troubleshooting teams will create overcrowded personnel and will only be used when an incident will cause unnecessary waste of human resources.
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