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New Hack Tip With Keylogger Of Nigeria

Dec 18, 2019

First you should know what is Keylogger?

Keylogger was an early computer program written for parents wishing to monitor their children's behavior on computers at the time. It will record all the operations on the keyboard and later it also records both the image displayed on the screen or the movement of the mouse when using the computer.

Because of its stealthy tracking function, Keylogger is considered to be a spyware and is often used for malicious purposes such as Hack password or personal information of people. use.

Most of the keyloggers will be installed by Hackers on the victim computers via .exe files, but there are also cases that spread through peripherals such as USB or portable hard drives. Most of them will be blocked by paid antivirus software but not everyone has enough knowledge to prevent and often rarely victims know they have a keylogger.

What is the hack procedure that Nigerian hackers use?

Usually the cyber criminals after using hacking tricks to steal information from victims they will immediately switch to a new target with a familiar method. However, according to the information we gathered, hackers in Nigeria belonging to two groups "Uche" and "Okiki" used a simple keylogger called "Hawkeye" to record the user's actions.

Instead of selling that confidential data and making a profit right away, they don't do it in new hacking tricks. Hackers from the black continent will take the time to gather more information and knowledge as well as business contacts of victims including affiliates, partners, etc. Then they conducted fraudulent tactics to cheat money on both sides.

The usual trick in hackers is after collecting enough information. They will be used via email method (similar to BEC ** email attack) but with more sophisticated tricks.

They will copy the entire business email and usurp the transaction by sending payment payment details as well as account numbers and of course the entire payment for the contract will flow directly into their pockets. . After withdrawing money, they proceed quite an account and that's it!

This is just a stepping stone for bigger attacks and more damage. For example, stolen information from a victim can spread to close partners of the victim, including customers and business providers.

New hack tips by Keylogger of Nigerian hackers What are the bigger targets they are aiming for !?

As we tracked down the victims, we found that most of these companies were related to each other, they easily passed each other through attachments and opened them without any concern. And the big feature is that they do the same business in small and medium businesses in India, Egypt and Iran. With these common traits they will easily have a chain attack if the hackers want that to happen.

In addition to spying on small and medium-sized businesses, Keylogger Hawkeye can also be used offline to infiltrate larger businesses than small-business counterparts. Based on the results of our investigation, we have completely identified the next targets that are aimed at those multinational companies with offices around the globe. This shows that hackers are speeding up the spread in order to occupy as many computers as possible.

Is there any solution for you?

The luckiest thing for every business or individual is that you haven't suffered any damage from hackers. It is clear that the Keylogger attack by two Hacker groups of Nigeria, "Uche" and "Okiki", has been a warning that the concept that only large enterprises are attacked is completely wrong.

In modern technology days, as long as you have a business connection, whether individual or business, you can become their main goal just because they have exploited you enough or not. . Large businesses will have large security measures, small businesses still have their own security packages, but most importantly, you must have genuine security solutions and are regularly updated.

To handle Keylogger is very simple, because they are just old applications that will be wiped out if you use genuine antivirus software. Investment or not is due to you but when something goes wrong, then you want to regret it is not anymore.
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