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Mobile work is an inevitable trend of the new generation of managers

Dec 30, 2019

According to a Forbes statistic, the BYOD (bring your own devices) trend is growing stronger than ever with 82% of employees saying smartphones contribute an important part to boosting productivity. For someone who has been working for many years, as a manager with a busy schedule, I am more and more aware of the benefits of a pocket-sized device optimized for work like the Galaxy Note10.

Giving speed advantages to content creators and journalists

For someone in the media business like me, video editing always takes a lot of time and manpower to complete. In the areas where content and speed are top priority, the complexity of making videos is always a challenge to overcome. Instead of bulky machines with a large team of people, smartphones with powerful video recording capabilities like the Galaxy Note10 | Note10 + offer the ideal solution in situations where speed is needed while the quality is still good enough as an experience. quick new products, livestream events, ...

In addition to the triple camera cluster for flexible shooting angles, the machine also has many professional features such as video recording to remove fonts, enhance sound quality when shooting with Zoom-in-mic, adding unique effects with AR Doodle. Besides the ability to post, edit clips quickly with support to edit details to each frame with the S Pen stylus is also a highlight on the flagship model from Samsung.

Previously, whenever I needed to talk to customers, I rushed with the team members to prepare the storyboard to make paper drawings that took a lot of effort and time. Now that everything can be digitized to be more tidy, I take advantage of the Galaxy Note10 + 's large 6.8-inch screen to quickly present unique ideas created by the team. And I welcome all customer suggestions by taking notes directly on the screen with the S Pen. About the company, every detail, even the smallest, has been visually annotated so that people can easily deploy and edit.

Work without interruption when everything is in the phone

Smartphones have done a lot of work now, but there are still more complex tasks that require me to use a computer such as editing posts on the company's system, setting up new communication plans in Excel, ... According to the habit I save all my work data in the Galaxy Note10's 256 GB memory, copying from my phone lights up the computer and vice versa is really time-consuming. More importantly, it interrupted my work flow and thoughts.

The DeX mode on Samsung's new flagship seems to be "born" for people like me. When I need to handle intensive work, I just need to connect to the computer and the familiar window-like interface will appear with all the data stored in the phone before. It also takes advantage of the large screen plus the keyboard and mouse of the computer to provide fast and accurate operation speed, helping me handle all tasks in the shortest possible time.

Save time for office tasks

Previously after each meeting, I spent more time sitting and typing the notes in my notebook to make a report file or send instructions to my subordinates. At a time when much work needs to be done, reducing the cumbersome stage is of great significance. The Galaxy Note10 not only saves the space of a traditional notebook in my daily commute but also helps me quickly get the content I just recorded using the handwriting to text feature.

Saving time, simplifying multiple steps, and bringing seamless workflow, these are the really great benefits of using Galaxy Note10 | Note10 + that perhaps a busy person like me will not find. seen in any other device today.
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