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Not a camera or a screen, this is the feature that makes people appreciate even in the launch of Galaxy Note10

Jan 01, 2020

Samsung's latest flagship, the Galaxy Note10 was officially introduced during the launch event in the US. Although before the launch, there were a lot of images of the design as well as the feature leaked, there was one thing that Samsung "hidden" very carefully and almost did not have any information leaked out. And that made the audience applauded for everything they could, the new S Pen.

A lot of questions have been raised about the S-Pen's upgrades before its release because this is the point that makes the Galaxy Note10 completely different from other current smartphones. And Samsung answered that question with the new features of the S Pen that we will cover below.

Remote control by S-Pen Air gesture

This is probably the most special upgrade of the new S-Pen because it changes the usage, turning this pen into a versatile remote control through action. In addition to the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection available from the Galaxy Note 9, the new S-Pen Samsung also features a 6-way sensor that allows users to use actions to issue application control commands..

By setting up and down gestures, left and right for the S Pen, users can easily change the shooting mode from normal to portrait or switch lenses with different angles. Easy way without touching the machine.

Besides, with multimedia applications such as Youtube ... users can switch the playback content or increase or decrease the volume just by putting the S-Pen up in different directions. Users can completely change the gesture settings as you like to get the most personalized during use.

Samsung also said it will release the Air Action SDK for software developers, promising that in the future there will be a lot of integrated applications and use these gestures to control more things.

Durable ability to use

One of the inconveniences of the Galaxy Note9 is that the S-Pen can only be used for about 30 minutes after a single charge (although the charging time is not long). However, overcoming this drawback, Samsung has integrated with the new S-Pen a lithium-titanium battery that allows up to 10 hours of use after a full charge. This helps users' creativity and work flow smoothly without interruption or interruption. In addition, lithium-titanium batteries are also considered to be very good impact resistant batteries today, so users are completely assured of its safety.

Improve note taking capabilities

What makes the Note brand, S-Pen can now be combined with the Galaxy Note10 to make note-taking capabilities even more powerful. With the ability to recognize and convert handwriting into characters and save them into a variety of formats including word files, Galaxy Note10 will make it easier to take notes and share information.

Besides, you can easily edit the text by zooming in and out easily as well as highlight the main idea to say with the character highlighting tool.

Add creativity to the camera

An interesting feature of this new S-Pen is that it can be drawn directly onto videos to create fun movies.

Combined with AR Doodle, S-Pen lets you draw whatever you like and turn it into a virtual reality space to make your videos and photos more vivid without having to go through any work. Any other editing tools.

The above are just feature upgrades of the new S-Pen on the Galaxy Note10. Hopefully, there will be many new applications and updates that users can experience during the upcoming direct use.
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