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Phone drops water, how to handle serious consequences?

Dec 22, 2019

Basic steps to handle a drop in your phone:

1. Lightness: Some water on the phone

If during use, you neglect to drop a few drops of water on the phone, wipe it dry immediately. Especially for devices that are not waterproof. Because when promptly remedied, there will be no consequences, but if there is, it will be a lot lighter.

During a few hours of play, parts such as headsets and external speakers may be affected by water exposure. But they will soon disappear and return to normal after a short time.

2. Severity: The phone is completely domestic

With a water-resistant smartphone, the consequences will not be serious, just the headset with the speaker has a little problem and then quickly return to normal.

Step 1: Get the phone out of the water

The first thing you need to do right away to protect your phone is to get it out of the water as quickly as possible, because just a few seconds later the level of influence has increased a lot.

Step 2: Turn off the power and remove the battery

Phone drops water, how to handle serious consequences?

After taking your phone out of the water, remove the battery immediately. This is extremely important to avoid damaging internal components. However, this is also unthinkable for the new generation smartphones because of the non-removable battery design. If the user does not have specialized equipment nor skills, it cannot be done.

To solve this, you should quickly power off the smartphone. If your phone is powered off, do not turn it on or use it for any purpose. Do not press any buttons to prevent water from getting inside or accidentally restarting the device. Please keep the status quo, do not shake or beat to prevent water from getting inside the device.

Step 3: Remove back cover, memory card, sim

Quickly remove the case, leather case and keep the device in the direction of water can flow out of the device by ports such as headsets, chargers to avoid going further inside.

Then, remove the entire memory card, sim slot on the phone to make sure the internal components are not affected.

Step 4: Dry

To dry, use a cloth or cloth to absorb water by tapping on the phone. Then put the phone in a zip pocket and bury it in the rice because it has the ability to absorb natural moisture.

But it is better to use a dedicated dryer or bring it to the store to handle this problem because other ways can not be as effective as fast. 

The above are just some temporary remedy in case you cannot bring your phone to a repair shop immediately. The above measures only contribute to limiting the extent of the impact as well as the consequences of water falling.

The best way is to bring it to a phone repair shop to be tested and handled because there will be full equipment as well as a team of skilled technicians. After repairing, you should regularly check the camera, headphones, charging pins, speakers, ... to see if they work properly. Moreover, this is also helping you discover the problem that still exists on your smartphone.
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