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Plug and Play Hub - Secure Wifi Router for Children

Dec 17, 2019

According to information from antivirus software, this device is designed to help keep kids safe online by only providing safe results from Google, YouTube and other safe internet sites.

The routers were developed by Securly, creating a cloud-based Internet security product for children attending high schools. Plug n 'play inspired by traditional parental management solutions often requires manual software and settings. What parents have to do in this case is plug the hub into their modem or router and the network will be ready for kids devices to start using right away.

The best antivirus software firm said that with most households containing many internet-connected devices, security and information filtering software is no longer a viable solution.

The plug n play hub plugs are preconfigured with Securly's primary and secondary DNS server addresses on the router so all parents only need to plug it into their existing home network. All children's devices will be protected immediately through a plug n 'play hub.

Parents who are cautious about their child's privacy will be relieved to learn that they have full control over the devices without having to worry about being controlled or filtered back.

Plug n play use natural language processing on searches and social media posts to determine the possibility of their children being bullied online and harming themselves.

Plug n play also provides time-based policies and an internet pause button to instantly disconnect devices if needed.

The mode of operation of Plug n Play

Plug n play using YouTube's DNS-based restrictive mode works on both HTTP and HTTPS. Plug n 'play also uses a firewall to prevent users from editing and accessing alternative DNS servers from their devices.

Plug n play uses cloud DNS and web-proxy classes we use to protect millions of children. The expert said this means you can choose any iPad or laptop in the house and rest assured that YouTube will always serve safe videos, Google will provide safe search results, and Your son will never reach an inappropriate site.

This device combines DNS and web-proxy services. DNS determines which sites to allow, which to block or to represent. For sites like YouTube, Google or Wikipedia devices check these sites as granules for keywords, URLs, etc. that might be harmful.

Before all this was done traditionally on devices deployed by the school or on software installed on home computers. However, the only people who operate entirely on the cloud allow us to expand indefinitely, and this unity applies to both schools and at home.

Cloud operations are built entirely by Securly and patents are being granted. Plug n play hub is white-label OEM hardware. The company is also establishing partnerships with other Wi-Fi router and ISP providers.
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