DataLife Engine / Newsfreak v1.7.0 - Flutter News App for WordPress

Newsfreak v1.7.0 - Flutter News App for WordPress

If you are looking for an app for your WordPress blog / site, or want to create an app and website for your ideas, then NewsFreak is the best option for you. Using our template, you can create your own Android and iOS app for your WordPress site.

NewsFreak is a complete mobile app for Android and iOS based on the WordPress blog. You can convert your WordPress blog to native Android and iOS app within hours. We used Google's Flutter to create this entire application and used a lot of animations to make this application user-friendly. It will be able to satisfy users with impressive user interface design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices. We also used Firebase push notifications to send notifications to the user, and also used Admob to make money with ads. The app will always sync with WordPress site data via WP REST API.
08-04-2022, 17:08
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