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Six Technology Trends At Ces 2019 Will Change The World

Dec 24, 2019

This year, the exhibition attracted 180,000 people and 4,500 technology companies worldwide. The companies took advantage of the nearly 300,000m2 exhibition space to showcase the world's most advanced products and technologies and new technology trends.

Steve Koenig, vice president of market research at the American Consumer Technology Association, made six of the most prominent trends at CES 2019.


The shift from 4G to 5G may sound like an improvement over mobile network technology over the years, but that's not the case. As GQ (USA) recently commented: "All generations of mobile networks to date, including 4G, are all about connecting people. And although 5G will also be designed to connect connecting people, but it also aims to connect everything.

5G's promise is greater speed, greater capacity, and lower latency, meaning it can act as the central brain of the upcoming new self-driving era. At CES 2019, chip maker Qualcomm will introduce "Beamforming" technology to increase 5G coverage, to remote areas where optical cables cannot reach; and most importantly we are seeing consumer devices appear like 5G smartphones.

Artificial intelligence

The overall trend at CES 2019 is artificial intelligence (AI). These are computer programs that are full of AI-focused processors and chips, alongside companies that use toolkits to embed AI into their products to enhance the user experience. For example, TVs will use AI to change picture settings depending on lighting conditions or where viewers are in the room; The camera will use AI to monitor image quality. One possible effect of this is that, in the coming years, the concept of 'adjusting settings' may seem rather outdated.

Digital assistants will also go into more technological spaces such as cars, entertainment speakers, laptops, televisions ... CES this year continues to recognize the strong presence of Amazon Alexa or Google. Assistant in technology products.


As part of CES for many years, the display area for display technologies has always attracted a large number of visitors. According to Mr. Koenig, this year's CES will be a "landing" of 4K, 3D, HDR TV screen products and especially 8K screens with brands like Samsung always leading the way in the uptrend. Standard level screen definition.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality technology (AR) has been around for a while. New to this technology is that it is moving from B2B products (developed for corporate and corporate customers) to B2C products (developed for general consumer customers) and companies are working hard to do for a better consumer AR experience.

For example, Lenovo and Vuzix will show off their new headsets, while other companies show "smart mirrors" to stores. With this smart mirror, you will no longer have to try the same clothing item in different colors - the mirror can simply change the color for you.

Self-propelled vehicles "level three"

Previously, CES introduced a lot of "level two" self-driving vehicles (the term of the American Association of Automobile Engineers). This means partial autonomy: adaptive lane keeping, speech or parking assistance. "Level three," that's all CES 2019 is about, is when the car is fully in control for at least part of the time. Self-driving fleets will hit the road this year with the help of GM, Ford and Daimler.

Technology to cope with disasters

A broad but novel portfolio that appeared at CES 2019 was what Mr. Koenig called "resisting technology." Resilient smart cities are very vulnerable - not only to cyber attacks but also to tsunamis or earthquakes. So how do you ensure food, sanitation, energy and heating needs if there is a disaster? There are many products on CES 2019 that address this topic, but Koenig particularly likes Watergen, the winner of CES 2019 Best Innovation Award, which creates water from the air.
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