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Take a look at Apple products that missed an appointment with iFAN in 2018

Jan 09, 2020

1. New iMac

Many fans were expecting new iMac updates to appear at Apple's October event, along with analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also saying that the iMac will receive significant performance upgrades. in the fall of 2018. But in the end, that didn't happen.

The latest iMac version is the 2017 iMac that was launched in June last year. It is likely that Apple will refresh this product line in the first half of 2019, in March or at WWDC in June.

2. Mac Pro

In early 2018, many were hoping that Apple would release a Mac Pro this year. However, in April, Apple "extinguished" that hope when it said that its new Mac Pro module would be a 2019 model, not 2018. Will Apple let fans wait too long? For a long time, let's wait and see if Mac Pro will be released next year.

3. Apple computer screen

Apple stopped offering 27-inch Thunderbolt Display monitors in 2016, and advises users if they want to be able to buy from third-party display manufacturers. However, in April 2017, Apple said it was building a standalone monitor to come with the new Mac Pro module.

If the Mac Pro is launched in 2019, it's almost certain Apple's new standalone display will also be released. Hopefully WWDC will be the event that the company will launch these two products.

4. 12-inch MacBook upgrade

Both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air versions were updated in 2018, but the 12-inch MacBook did not have an upgraded version. This is a MacBook with a thinner and lighter design but is more expensive than the new MacBook Air, so this product will be harder to sell than the MacBook Air.

The future of this 12-inch MacBook line is still a question mark. There is no word on whether Apple will upgrade this product next year.

5. iPad mini 5

In October, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple is preparing to launch a new version of the iPad mini with an upgraded processor and cheaper screen. The device will be available in late 2018 or early 2019. Many expected the iPad mini 5 to debut during Apple's October event, but that didn't happen.

A recent source said Apple will launch cheap iPad mini 5 and 10-inch iPad next year. Hopefully this rumor is true and Apple will entertain fans with significant refinements in the design of its new iPad mini line.

6. Over-ear headphones

Back in February 2018, Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that Apple would release an all-new premium over-ear headset with better noise reduction capabilities and will launch before the end of this year. However, it is the end of the year and we still do not have information about the launch of this pair of headphones.

Earlier, Apple sold over-ear headphones through its sub-brand, Beats. Recent sources said the new earphones are likely to be branded Apple and equipped with the company's W2 chip. There is currently no specific information about the release time of this product.

7. AirPods 2 headset

The AirPods headset was released in December 2016 and has become an extremely popular product. However, since then, Apple has not had an update for this device. Perhaps Apple will overhaul the pair of wireless headsets next year.

In June, Bloomberg suggested that Apple's new AirPods headset will be released around 2019. Meanwhile, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the next version of Apple's AirPods will have a completely new form factor and introduced in 2020.

8. AirPower wireless charger

Apple touted its AirPower wireless charger during the iPhone X launch event in 2017, the company said it would launch this product in 2018. However, due to some technical issues, the device was released. has been delayed until now.

There is no word on when AirPower will be released. Will Apple debut soon, or will fans keep waiting?
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