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Together 5 Favorite Hacks 2015

Dec 15, 2019

Immediately, Anonymous "wiped out" more than 5,500 Twitter accounts of members of the terrorist organization IS in just one day. However, it is still only the first step in Anonymous's #OpParis campaign, Reuters said. Indeed, in the following days, tens of thousands of IS's Twitter accounts were closed.

Anonymous began targeting ISIS extremists earlier this year after they launched a terrorist attack on the satirical French magazine editor Charlie Hebdo. In this incident, hackers identified IS-related social media accounts and "defeated" them with a record of more than 10,000 accounts.

Website looking for hacked sex partners: 37 million people struggling

In July 2015, the hacker group The Impact Team threatened to reveal the identities and sensitive information of tens of millions of users on the dating website unless the site was closed. At the time, the hackers made some information public, and warned they would continue to do so unless the websites and closed. After that, all the information that seems to have been hacked on the 4chan forum.

More than 37 million user information on website is at risk of being public.

"Avid Life Media must shut down Ashley Madison and Established Men permanently in any form, or we will publish all user profiles, including users' secret sexual habits and information. transaction by credit card, real name, address and documents of staff as well as list of email addresses, "the hacker group The Impact Team said.

The hackers explained that they decided to target Avid Life Media because the company was accused of lying to their customers in the "Full Delete" feature on The site offers customers the option to delete their profile and usage history for a fee of $ 19. However, the hackers claimed that, while customer profile information was removed, their credit card details were still there.

Adobe is constantly exploited by hackers

Also in July 2015, security researchers said that up to 400GB of company data was stolen by Hacking Team during a cyber attack using a flaw of Adobe Flash Player.

Hacking Team describes this problem as "the most beautiful Flash bug in the last four years". In an analysis of the attack, the security team said there were "at least" three vulnerabilities, including some aimed at Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft's Windows operating system.

Shortly thereafter, Adobe's Flash Player tool continued to be discovered by the hacker group Hacking Team containing the dangerous zero-day CVE-2015-5122 vulnerability. Assessing the severity of the error CVE-2015-5122, Mozilla has officially announced blocking Adobe Flash Player on Firefox.

Google Vietnam was attacked change interface

In early 2015, Google Search Vietnam service was unexpectedly changed by user interface. Accordingly, when visiting the website, users will only see the interface as below.

Google Search Vietnam changed its appearance at noon on February 23

In this announcement, hackers claiming to be the Lizard Squad have been controlling Malaysia Airlines website for hours. Then one day, the hacker group was referred to as the person who attacked Facebook, causing the social network to shut down in 50 minutes.

This problem only affects users who are using DNS (domain name server) provided by Google, ie and Users who use the default DNS address of the internet service provider can access it normally.

IS attacked the British government

According to the Telegraph, the British Government Information Command (GCHQ) has revealed that IS-related hackers have blocked many top-secret emails of the Prime Minister's Cabinet, David Cameron. One of the senior British officials was "peeked" by IS is the Interior Minister Theresa May.

By intercepting and eavesdropping on the British government's email, hackers were able to find out what senior officials as well as members of the Royal Family of England were about to attend.

Details of the incident were not disclosed. Therefore, it is not clear what IS hackers stole from the British government. However, according to the Telegraph, hackers have not been able to crack the security system and UK officials only have to tighten cyber security measures, including changing passwords.
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