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Top free tools to check who is hacking your Wifi

Mar 03, 2020

Here are some simple software that allow you to ping devices that are connected to your home router. By using these tools, you can know how many devices are connected and if any uninvited devices come to access, I give you a few tips:
  • Always change the wifi password.
  • Always change the default password of the router.
  • WPA2 and WEP can be cracked in minutes.
SoftPerfect Wifi Guard - Free on Windows, $10 for macOS

SoftPerfecr Wifi Guard is an essential tool for everyone running a small and secure wireless network. In general, modern Wifi networks are well protected, but there are some weaknesses that can lose your Wifi password and others can still hack your home wifi. Includes vulnerabilities in encryption and brute force attacks. Therefore, anyone can gain unauthorized access to your internet and Lan network, silently and quietly.

This application will alert you if your network is used without your knowledge. Wifi Guard is a dedicated network scanner that runs in your network at set intervals and reports immediately if it finds new, unidentified or unrecognized connected devices that can belong to Intruders.
  • Scan the network at specified time.
  • Detects computers that are not responding to ping.
  • Immediately notify you if an unknown device is found.
  • Ping computers and other network devices, showing connections.
Advanced IP Scanner - Free for Windows

Advanced IP Scanner free and fast allows you to quickly access information about network devices. Get access to resources like shared folders, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RDP and Radmin. The program requires no installation and has a simple, user-friendly interface. Advanced IP Scanner is widely used by system administrators and home users for time management and network monitoring.

Free and reliable network scanning software for LAN analysis. The program displays all network devices, gives you access to shared folders, provides remote computer control (via RDP and Radmin) and can even turn off computers from far. It is easy to use and runs as a mobile version. This is the first choice both for network administrators and for individuals who want to check who is hacking your home WiFi.

Wireless Network Watcher - Free for Windows

Wireless Network Watcher is a small utility that scans your wireless network and displays a list of all computers and devices currently connected to your network. For all computers or devices connected to your network, this information will be displayed: IP address, MAC, network card manufacturing company and computer name options.

Who Is On My WiFi for Windows and macOS

Who Is On My Wifi is built to easily detect unknown devices on your home or business network. The software focuses on building unique solutions for home and business. Who is on my wifi will inform the devices that are using your wifi. From there you can check who is hacking your home Wifi
  • Easy to install on Windows.
  • Show all connected devices.
  • Includes privacy and key sharing.
  • Detect DHCP Server on the device.
  • Detect harmful agents on each subnet.
  • Connect with Optional Analytics Subscription.
  • Fully compatible with Analytics Subscription.
Angry IP Scanner | Free for Windows, macOS and Linux

Angry IP Scanner (or ipscan) is an open source and cross-platform network scanner designed for quick and simple use. It scans IP address and port as well as many other things. It is widely used by network administrators and curious young people., Including large and small businesses, banks and government agencies.
  • Scan local networks like the Internet.
  • IP Range, Random or file in any format.
  • Export results to multiple file formats.
  • Extend with more data loaders.
  • Provides command interface.
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