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Top super hot role-playing games, action free on mobile 2020

Mar 11, 2020
There are lots of Free Android Mobile Games available in the Playstore . In this article, we are presenting the most popular android games in 2020.

1.King of Kings

King of Kings is an extremely impressive online role-playing game from the "big" Tencent. The game will take players to magical lands full of mystery. In the game, you play as one of the races including: People, Elves, Orcs and Dwarves. The highlight of King of Kings is the vast, beautiful world with thousands of extremely diverse missions. Besides, the game's gameplay is also extremely open when with rich career system, you will unleash your character development up to ... 27 separate character classes with different gameplay. Along with that is the fierce boss hunting, dramatic pvp battles ... on a beautiful graphics background.

Download Link:

2. Errant: Hunter's Soul

Create a team to hunt monsters with friends, embark on the adventure of exploring the wild nature of Behemoths and fight against the giant monsters in the action-packed battles of the MMORPG Errant: Hunter's Soul.

Errant: Hunter's Soul is an attractive multiplayer online role-playing role-playing game developed by NetEase and published by X.D.Global. With stunning graphics, brand new combat mechanics and the ability to freely change between 7 special weapons, Errant: Hunter's Soul iOS will bring you an unforgettable gaming experience.

Download Link:

3. Era Origin

Era Origin takes you into a beautiful immersive world when the maps and landscapes in the game are designed extremely artistically with magnificent buildings in Europe. With that, the fascinating story and RPG battles turn this game into a new generation fantasy adventure.

The 360-degree view provides unlimited exploration, bloody battles and PvP arenas, free cultivation systems and in-game communication platforms. This will be a wonderful fantasy world that you have never seen before.

Download Link:

4. Talion

With Talion, players will walk with an open world with a realistic 360-degree perspective, and perform tasks on a large battlefield. And of course, you will not have to stand alone, but you can combine with the friends to meet on the road to complete the task. Talion owns many rich game modes, which require the effort of many players, such as the 5v5 mode simulated identical to the legendary chess robbery game. In addition, you can ally with an army of 20 players in 20 vs 20 mode to protect your base. Talion's RvR is up to 50 vs 50, in which players must enter a race to defeat the monsters of Boss Raid mode. The game has been available in Southeast Asia and Japan and has been very successful in those markets, now it has a global version in English.

Download Link:

5. Lunathorn

In the mythical world, there is a peaceful and beautiful land protected by the gods. However, the Ragnarok apocalypse is expected to soon invade this land and the world will be in chaos.

The devil has invaded and the gods have fallen. In order to save the situation, Odin ordered the Valkyrie warriors to come to the mortal world to search for the destined warrior. This hero is responsible for collecting 15 artifacts that are protected by 15 different gods, in order to create a great power capable of destroying demons.

In the Lunathorn game, players will play that fateful warrior, travel around the world, confront the dark forces, quickly perform the assigned task to complete the mission to bring peace to the region. mythological land.

Download Link:
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