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Warning You Are Healthy From Devices Like Alexa Or Google Home

Dec 19, 2019

What is Alexa and Google home that can be tapped?

With looks like ordinary bluetool speakers, but really the features of these two devices are technology companies such as virtual assistants where you can give voice commands. This device acts as a control center of the smart home, smart devices, look up everything.
  • Alexa: is a virtual assistant developed by Amazon, originally used to connect devices like Amazon Echo. The company later upgraded it to become an intelligent assistant that can interact with voice, select songs, make to-do lists, set alarms, read books, as well as provide weather information. etc.
Alexa devices are likely to be eavesdropped by hackers.
  • Google Home: was developed by Google to meet the smart home of the Android operating system. Google Home is a popular device in modern home automation for a price that is also uncomfortable for many. In addition, Google Home in addition to the ability to communicate as well as the control center of the smart home, it is also focused on sound systems by Google.
What are the risks of the SRL research?

The SRL report shows that sensitive data such as account information and online payment information linked in accounts connected to the virtual assistant system will be easily stolen by hackers, through various ways. following formula:
  1. They will create a normal application that is reviewed by Amazon and Google.
  2. Then, change the application with malicious code when the application was initially approved. Then set the welcome message to appear as an error (for example, this software is not currently available in your country) and add a pause button (actually, when you click on it, you are officially infected with the code. poison).
  3. Or fake an application by placing additional reminders in that application (for example, you have an important update, please say your password to start updating). At that time, you will accidentally reveal important confidential information.
  4. After obtaining the information they need, the software installed on the machine will automatically be sent to the Hacker server.
With a few simple steps that you can't see because you're busy giving voice commands, it is easier for hackers to get your account login information and make it easier to exploit those. important friend or partner.

How do hackers eavesdrop on?

To make it clearer that the method of eavesdropping, the SRL researchers used a technique similar to the way hackers were using. In this case, cybersecurity experts have used devices like Alexa and Google Home to model and make sure they will meet the needs of the orderer.

In Alexa, the code is "Skill" and the Google Home is "Action". We then use phrases such as "Stop" and other statements that disclose personal information such as "Email", "Password", "Address" and so on. After that, we continued with commands like "Stop" followed by "Goodbye" so that the device could turn itself off but not. With malicious devices they will continue to open and listen to all the personal information of the host and then send to our pre-arranged server. This is particularly serious at Google Home because it doesn't even need activation and can be tapped whenever we want.

After sending the reports of SRL to Google and Amazon, both companies simultaneously updated the patch version, in the immediate future, they will remove the function of the supreme command "Skill" and "Home" on the two devices. above since our research.
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