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What Is A Fileless Code? How To Handling When Toxicate Code Fileless

Dec 19, 2019

Firstly, what is Fileless Malicious Code?

Fileless malware is actually just a script written by hackers in order to avoid the scanning of antivirus software on the market today. Because there is no direct file, that makes antivirus software unrecognizable.

Like hundreds of other Malware, the Fileless malware will also encrypt important data on the victim's computer when it enters the computer. They will then broadcast a ransom message. There has even been a case of fileless code used by hackers for stealing money when successfully breaking into a banking system.

In many cases, the victim did not plug in any USB devices or other peripherals on the computer. But the detected fileless code can be on any website or they can be in a fake email. With just one click download the victim has them completely controlled computer system.

Method of fileless malware attack

Instead of directly downloading malicious files or writing content to the hard drive, fileless attackers will exploit vulnerabilities from applications then the Script will run directly on the RAM of the victim's computer. .

According to analysts, most fileless malware uses office applications such as notepad, notepad ++ etc. or administrative tools at the victim computer such as Powershell or WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to run the Script and download malicious code directly into RAM.

True to the style of hackers, they always want to have a silent approach to users without being detected immediately. And it's impossible not to say that Fileless malware is their ultimate weapon. When they are still in the victim's computer, they can remotely and collect data, of course as much as possible, then just press the button to activate nearly all that data will be encrypted. The computer may even hang and show you a ransom request.

How to know if a computer is infected with fileless malware?

When suspecting a computer to be infected with fileless code, keep the following points in mind:

1. Computer works very slowly:

This is a typical sign of the Filess malware because it mainly works on the Ram of the victim's computer, so if the computer suddenly slows down or the RAM runs 100% even if you do not open anything and even when doing enough Anyway, you should think of this code infection.

2. Many unwanted ads appear on the screen:

This is often a sign of ad malicious code, which is extremely annoying to the user's computer use. Not only that, if you accidentally click on any ad, they will pop up in many other windows and you may be infected with other malware from the above ads.

3. Blue screen appears:

Also because because running on Ram should overload phenomenon appear blue screen will also be one of the signs you need to note. The usual blue screen only appears when you open too many programs, making it unbearable for Crash.

4. The drive is often in an overactive state:

You can use Ctrl + Alt + Del => Task Manager => See Disk section if the drive here is often red and at 100% you should find a fix. If you try everything still can not lower this index, it may be because you have been infected with the Fileless malware.

5. Antivirus software automatically shuts down:

This is a sure sign that your computer is infected with the Fileless code, because Fileless also has certain limitations when it comes to accessing a victim's computer. Therefore, the Turn-off antivirus software action is a "paving the way" for the intrusion of a series of other ransom malicious code than Fileless.
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