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What Is Hardware Disparding? Does Need To Resist Ssd Hardware?

Dec 20, 2019

What is hard drive defragmentation and hard drive defragmentation?

Hard drive fragmentation is an unordered, scattered data phenomenon that makes it difficult to export and find files on your hard drive. It takes time and slows down your computer and sluggishly affects your performance.

So what is defragmenting the hard drive?

When you copy data to the hard drive, the recorded data will be located after the last data section. This means that if you just delete a file and copy a new file, the new file won't be copied into the "space" of the file you've just deleted, but instead will be in the final data. , is the space that you just deleted file just now will be there that has not been offset. If the data you copy is smaller than the empty space, no problem will occur. However, if the data you write is larger than the number of free space on the hard drive, the data will be broken down into many small files to put into the next empty space, leading to hard drive fragmentation. It affects hard drive access problem. So all you have to do is reallocate it in the correct order on the hard surface. This is defragmenting the hard drive?

Need to defragment an SSD?

Hard drive fragmentation often occurs with older hard drives, physical hard drives with low access speed. So if you use an SSD, why is defragmentation necessary???

If you use an SSD on older operating systems such as Windows XP or Windows Vista, you will have to activate the TRIM command manually so that the hard drive will completely erase the data of a file when deleting (instead of changing the index of the file). that is on the HDD), this helps to improve the speed of the hard drive. However, for Windows 7 and later operating systems, TRIM will automatically be activated when you attach an SSD.

So for an SSD, defragmentation is really not necessary. Even measuring is a bad idea because it will reduce the number of read / write of SSD as well as the life of SSDs more or less. New versions of Windows also automatically disable hard drive defragmentation if an SSD is attached. In addition, in some cases the system may prevent you from turning it back on.

There should defragment the hard drive on SSD

On Windows 8 and Windows 10, the Optimize Drives application will automatically optimize the hard drive according to your schedule. On a regular basis, the application will automatically send RETRIM commands to force the hard drive to completely erase the deleted data while TRIM is turned on, in addition it automatically performs many other optimizations to help the SSD Your works better.

You can test the SSD's TRIM feature by activating the Command Prompt, using the fsutil behavior query DisableDeleteNotify. If the number in the result appears as 0, TRIM is enabled, if it is 1 then TRIM is not enabled and you must turn it on.

Versions of Windows 8 and 10 will also disable the SuperFetch service on SSDs themselves. On Windows 10, this service will automatically turn on the HDD and will turn off on the SSD itself, so you do not need to tweak SuperFetch on Windows 10, and on Windows 7 SuperFetch will turn off automatically if the SSD is fast enough . This is how Windows optimally SSDs automatically help users feel more secure during use.


So you have the most complete answer about what is defragment the hard drive and whether or not to defrag the hard drive for SSDs or not. Hopefully the above useful knowledge will help you in using computer hard drive more effectively. Thank you for your interest and follow up. Good bye and see you again.
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