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Windows Phone may die, but Microsoft's ambition is still alive when Surface Duo uses Android

Dec 29, 2019

In the event that took place on the morning of October 3 according to Vietnam time, Microsoft launched a dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone. Surprisingly, the Surface Duo now uses Google's Android operating system - a competitor that once competed directly with Microsoft.

Witnessing the launch of Surface Duo, many technology users, especially Windows Phone followers, have asked the question: Why did Microsoft decide to use Android, instead of choosing Windows 10X - the version an operating system specifically for dual-screen devices like the newly launched Surface Neo.

CNEt even commented that it would be more reasonable if Surface Duo used the existing Windows 10 Mobile platform, which could help Microsoft 'restart' in the mobile segment after the disastrous failure of Windows Phone.

Want to sell well, Surface Duo needs to use Android, instead of Windows 10 Mobile

In an interview with CNET, Microsoft confirmed that it will continue to work with Google to use Android. Even Microsoft product manager, Panos Panay, in an interview with Wired also said that Microsoft does not currently have any plans to develop a smartphone using Windows platform.

In fact, Microsoft's reluctant move to Windows Phone makes sense on many levels. From a practical standpoint, it would be easier for Microsoft to kick the "responsibility ball" back to Google, which is at the forefront of supporting a wide range of applications on foldable devices. Not to mention, Google also has all the tools, documentation, and support needed for Android developers in creating apps for this particular device.

Besides, the main reason for the decision to choose Android comes from the 'traumatic' experience of Microsoft. The father of the Windows operating system may still be a monopoly on the PC segment, but no longer have a voice in the mobile market. The company understands, users in 2019 want to buy an Android phone, instead of a smartphone with Windows Phone installed.

In other words, given the fact that Android is controlling the majority of the global mobile market, Microsoft is too pervasive of its disastrous defeat against Google (and Apple's iOS), when sales of Windows Phone models are too Low has forced the company to close the phone business.

Windows Phone may die, but Microsoft's ambition is still "alive"

Looking back on dozens of years ago, Microsoft was once considered one of the pioneers of the smartphone market and was very respected. At one point, the version of Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6 operating system used to account for 30% of the market, despite fierce competition by formidable rivals such as Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian ..., which were all in the prime period. Kim.

However, the situation suddenly got worse for Microsoft when Steve Jobs stood on the stage at the Macworld conference to introduce the first generation iPhone on January 9, 2007. With the long queue when the iPhone hit the US shelves 5 months later, this smartphone has created an unprecedented fever.

Not long after that, Google also officially joined the game when introducing the Android operating system, allowing technology companies like Samsung, LG, HTC ... to use Android at a reasonable cost to compete and take a lead. new trend.

Witnessing the strong rise of Google with Android, or Apple's iOS, all Microsoft could retaliate is the failure to launch successively from Windows Phone 6.5, Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 and Windows 10. Mobile. The commonality of all these versions is either too poor in features, or too lacking in essential applications for users compared to iOS and Android.

Not to mention, Microsoft itself has made too many strategic mistakes in how to manage and develop Windows Phone, and the person responsible for it is none other than Steve Ballmer - CEO of Microsoft in the period 2000-2014.

Naturally, later efforts from Microsoft such as redesigning the operating system, or even the acquisition of Nokia's mobile division will not help Windows Phone change its fate. The market share is gone, users have moved to Android or iOS, and Windows Phone has been quietly unofficially dead.

However, for a leading technology company like Microsoft, failure of course does not mean that it will give up completely, according to Cnet. In fact, the fact that we have seen a new mobile device from Microsoft has shown that its ambition for mobile is not really "dead" as we thought.

Although the prospect of Microsoft launching a Windows-based phone in the future is extremely difficult, the introduction of the Surface Duo shows that anything is possible, at least in the future - CNET. guess.
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