Relevanssi Premium v2.20.4 - WordPress Advanced Search

This plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with an improved search engine with many features and customizable options. You will get a better presentation of the results - your users will be grateful to you.


  • Search results are sorted in order of relevance, not date.
  • Fuzzy Match: Match single words if complete words do not match.
  • Find documents that match a single search query (OR query) or require all words to be displayed (AND query).
  • Find phrases with quotation marks, such as "find a phrase".
  • Create custom extracts that show where a hit was made, with search terms highlighted.
  • Highlight search terms in documents when a user clicks on search results.
  • Search for comments, tags, categories and custom fields.
  • Multisites.
  • BbPress support.
relevanssi-premium-2.20.4.rar (870 Kb)
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