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YooTheme Pro v4.3.5 - WordPress Page Builder

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YooTheme Pro v4.3.5 - WordPress Page Builder

YooTheme Pro WordPress is a new, innovative website builder that will revolutionize the way you design WordPress theme. The website builder will allow you to manage the settings of the template, styles and page layout, as well as modules and menus. The built-in preview will automatically show all the changes you made to the template without refreshing the page.

Creating unique content takes a lot of time and tedious layout if you want to customize the page. All this will change with the new page builder, it will allow you to instantly create a layout without writing any code. You can choose from ready-made layouts or create your own using a simple drag and drop interface. This feature will save you tons of time and will allow you to create a website in just a couple of hours, and most importantly, you will have the perfect markup compatible with the new templates.

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