Webcraftic Robin Image Optimizer Pro v1.5.8


Why image optimization is so necessary

Any page on a site is a certain amount of information that is loaded onto the user's device before being displayed in its usual form in the browser. The page consists of html code, various technical files (they usually take a small amount) and, of course, from images, they are the ones that make up the lion's share of the amount of data that make up the website's web page. If these images take up a lot of space on the site, then the user on the disk will also take a long time to load the page of the website.

This means that the optimization of images on the site is an important step to increase the speed of site loading, increase the behavioral factor, because every extra second when loading a site is a loss of a certain percentage of the audience or loss of conversion. Site loading speed is measured by search engines, lowering slow sites in the search results. Thus, if your site loads slowly, you lose twice.

To optimize incoming images to the site, there are 3 optimization options

Automatic optimization of WordPress images when loading, located in the same section Image optimizer - Basic settings.

Enable Scheduled Optimization button, located in the same section Image optimizer - Basic settings. In this case, the images will be optimized at the time interval selected in the settings. This scenario can be useful for heavily loaded sites where images are loaded in large numbers at certain times. And in order to reduce the load on the site during these periods, you can turn on the optimization on a schedule.

Optimization of each image separatelyIf your site has few images, and you decide not to optimize all the images on the site stored in the media library, you can optimize each image separately using the "Optimize" button. It is located in the block on the right when you open an image in the site's media library.

Compression modes

There are 3 compression modes for images: normal, medium, high.

Normal Mode, set by default - this mode provides lossless compression and your images will be optimized without visible changes. If you want perfect image quality, we recommend this mode. The file size will be reduced by approximately 2 times. If this is not enough for you, try other modes.

Medium Mode - This mode provides ideal optimization for your images without significant loss of quality. File size will be reduced by about 5 times with slightly degraded image quality. Most often, it is not even noticeable with the naked eye.

High Mode - this mode will use all available optimization methods to maximize image compression. The file size will be reduced by about 7 times. Some images may deteriorate slightly. Use this mode when you need maximum weight loss and are willing to accept the loss of image quality.

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