CoDesigner Pro (Formerly Woolementor) v4.5.3

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CoDesigner Pro (Formerly Woolementor) v4.5.3

WooCommerce is awesome, so is Elementor. But unfortunately they don’t integrate well together to build an awesome customer experience.

CoDesigner Pro (formerly Woolementor) helps you do just that!

Customizes WooCommerce
Each and every part of your WooCommerce store can be customized. Be it the shop page, product filter or the billing form. Everything!

Mobile Friendly
CoDesigner makes your store super responsive for mobile devices. Take a long breath and relax, your visitors are now happy!

Blazing Fast
It’s built following the cutting-edge technologies and the WordPress coding standards. It’s beautifully coded and blazing fast!

Smart Checkout Page
Ever thought of adding more relevant fields to the checkout page of WooCommerce? Now you can do it simply by using CoDesigner! You will be able to create and add necessary fields to your checkout page without any coding.

Perfect Cart Page
Bored with the same old cart page of WooCommerce? You won’t be bored for long because CoDesigner will also let you customize every single bit of your cart page. You can decide whether you want to to display all cart products in a row or side to side.

Header, Footer, Shop & More
CoDesigner made it possible to create Elementor templates like Header, Footer, Single Product & Shop pages. You can decide where to show your templates based on product categories, product ID etc.

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