WooCommerce Google Product Feed v10.11.0

08-10-2023, 12:06
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WooCommerce Google Product Feed v10.11.0

The Google Product Feed extension allows you to create a real-time feed for providing product information to the Google Merchant Center, which is a prerequisite for setting up product ads.

  • Choose from an extensive list of supported fields to add it to your feed giving Google the richest data
  • Easily map existing product data to required Google fields from taxonomies, attributes or fields of a WooCommerce product.
  • Capture data required by Google that is not normally stored in WooCommerce using additional plugin input fields
  • Set global defaults for the entire store or for each category by default for fields
  • Provide product specific information regarding products or individual options if required
  • Live feed shows the latest information about your products
  • Full WooCommerce importer support and REST API for Bulk Data Import
  • Integrates with common WooCommerce extensions
  • Extensive setup and customization documentation
  • Rich set of WordPress filters and actions allowing flexible customization as needed

After your products are imported to Google Merchant Center, they will be available to your linked Google Adwords account, allowing you to customize product advertisements as you see fit. Using the full power of Google Adwords, you have complete control over your ad settings and budgets.


woo-google-product-feeds-10.11.0.rar (507 Kb)

Download WooCommerce Google Product Feed v10.11.0

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