Askk - Android Social Questions / Answers Application [XServer]

24-04-2021, 01:56
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Askk - Android Social Questions / Answers Application [XServer]

Askk is a great solution for those who need to quickly create a mobile app where people can ask any question and get answers for free from the community.

Askk is a full featured template (UI + source code) where people can post, view or edit Q&A, help users who need to know something on any topic, or just get answers to their questions.

Users can also post anonymous questions / answers, report inappropriate content / users, like and dislike answers, and share questions on social media apps, email and SMS. The administrator should check the database daily for reported content / users and take appropriate action.

The design is clean, the code is commented, and the project folders and files are well organized in the package.

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