Loginizer Premium v1.8.3 - WordPress Security

Dec 17, 2023
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Loginizer Premium v1.8.3 - WordPress Security

Loginizer aims at securing your WordPress websites from all attacks. We at loginizer believe that security is the most important aspect for a website and it should be easy to secure a website for any website owner, hence we work round the clock to craft features that help you achieve that without having to constantly monitor your site.

We are constantly woking hard to add more features and think of ways to protect your site from bruteforce attacks.

Some important features of Loginizer are listed below:

Brute Force Protection. Blocks IP after max allowed attempts

Integrate Google's reCAPTCHA v3/v2 in minutes

MD5 Checksums
All differences of WordPress Core will be reported to the Admin

PasswordLess Login via Email
An email with a temporary login URL

Login Challenge Questions
Users can set secondary challenge questions

Rename wp-admin Area
You can also disable the original wp-admin

2FA via Email
Two-factor authentication codes via email

2FA via Mobile App
Two-factor auth using Google Authenticator, Authy, etc

Rename Login Page
Prevents brute force from bots

Disable / Rename XML-RPC
Simply disable XML-RPC with Loginizer

Prevent Pingbacks
Simply disable Pingbacks with Loginizer

Extended Lockouts
Extended lockouts for abusing IPs

Failed attempts logs

Check logs of failed login attempts

Email Notification
Get an email notification for abusing IPs

Blacklist IPs
Blacklist an IP or IP range from login

Whitelist IPs
Whitelist an IP or IP range from login
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