PWT SEO v2.0.0 - Joomla SEO Extension

Get the most organic value for your Joomla site by setting your SEO keyword. PWT SEO is fully integrated with Joomla and helps your content editors write articles to make Google smile. Set your SEO keyword and the SEO PWT will provide real-time recommendations for improving your SEO rankings. Named as Yoast for Joomla by our users.

Checking SEO results in real time in Joomla

PWT SEO checks the SEO score of your Joomla content in real time. After setting your keyword or keyword phrase, the Joomla SEO Extension will provide clear clues to improve the organic SEO score for your Joomla site content. PWT SEO assigns a content rating from 0 to 100.

Improve your site's SEO copywriting with Joomla

PWT SEO analyzes all the pages on your site, not just articles. Modules, menus, or any other content on the page will be used to calculate the SEO score for the page. PWT SEO validates pages as a search engine to help you improve your SEO.

SEO check of Joomla articles

Real-time scoring while editing Joomla articles. PWT SEO is fully integrated with the Joomla article manager. While editing the article, the SEO Score tab will be visible with the current score, which is updated in real time. The contents of the tab will provide hints on how to improve your Joomla SEO.

Joomla Menu Items SEO Check

The same SEO Score tab is available for menu items. Set a keyword for a menu item and PWT SEO will calculate the page rank. The page menu type does not matter, PWT SEO will show this tab for any menu item and also for third party Joomla extensions.

SEO checks any URL

With the Custom URL option in PWT SEO, you can analyze SEO rankings for any URL on your website. Enter the page url, set your keyword, and let SEO PWT do the work. Especially useful for content without menu items or created by third party Joomla extensions.

Google Search Results

Preview A real-time preview of how your page will appear in Google search results is displayed in the SEO Score tab. This will help your content editors to check if the page title, meta description, and URL are configured correctly.

Easily modify search results and Open Graph data

You don't need to navigate to another location on the Joomla site to change the page title. Just change it in the SEO Score tab on the back-end. Easily target content with platform-specific titles and descriptions. PWT SEO

Keyword Suggestions

will provide a list of the most common words on your page. Just click on a word to set it as your primary SEO keyword for calculating your SEO score.

One-Page Keyword and Ratings

Overview The PWT SEO backend provides an overview of all articles, custom URLs and menus with customized keyword or SEO keyword. It will display the keyword and actual content rating. Easily find pages that can be used in SEO.

Free Access

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