4SEO v2.2.1.1583 - Joomla SEO Extensions


4SEO is a modern integrated solution for Joomla search engine optimization. It constantly analyzes your site for changes, identifies important pages, adds meta and structured data, optimizes for social media publishing, and creates a sitemap. 4SEO also gives you tools for your day-to-day SEO work: broken link list, custom error pages, redirects, content replacements, robots.txt

Works like Google or Bing

Like search engine system, 4SEO crawls your site in the background to understand it and collect information about each page.

It automatically detects multiple URLs for the same content, adds rel = canonical links, and makes sure no duplicates appear in the sitemap. And detects duplicate title or page descriptions and a lot of other important SEO information.

Measuring Real Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are new speed factors that Google uses when ranking pages. They are difficult to measure because Google uses real visitors to collect them.

4SEO gives you real and accurate Core Web Vitals, measured based on your real-life visitor experience. These are the same values that Google uses, unlike all online speed testers. And 4SEO can show you exactly which pages failed a speed test before Google did.

Fast and easy on your server

4SEO is integrated: data is collected only once, in the background. When your page is displayed to visitors, a minimum of work is required for maximum speed. With separate extensions, the same work must be done multiple times, resulting in poor performance.

4SEO replaces metadata extension, sitemap extension, structured data extension, social media sharing extension, redirect extension, content replacer extension (and more) with just one quick extension.

Metadata in admin area ...

Manage and create page title and meta description in one place.

4SEO demonstrates an accurate, live simulation of Google search results for both mobile and desktop. Adding tags of robots takes place in one click.

... or on the frontend

Make the interface accessible only to authors or SEO professionals so they can visually customize metadata and share images. They can check Facebook and Twitter with one click.

Generating Structured Data (Rich Snippets)

Maybe the most important SEO action you can take on your website in 2021?

4SEO automatically generates structured data for your content. Search engines will understand your content better. Advanced snippets will bring more traffic.

Create simple rules for structured data types supported by Google. Rules are applied from one page to many URLs, components, or categories. Built-in rules let you get started out of the box.

Social media sharing tags Social media sharing

only works when certain metadata is included: OpenGraph and TwitterCards. 4SEO generates them automatically.

But what's really important is the inclusion of the correct image. It costs nothing to post without an image, so 4SEO detects images in your content and selects the best image. You can change this selection either in the admin area or directly in the user interface.

Generating an XML sitemap

An XML sitemap is only relevant to SEO if it does NOT contain all of the pages on your site.

4SEO automatically generates, updates and submits to Google and Bing an SEO-optimized sitemap with Canonical URLs included, no duplicates or archived content. Robots meta tag and robots.txt file are respected.

4SEO also automatically removes content from your sitemap that is older than the number of days you specify for the categories you want.

No plugin required, all sitemap creation is based on continuous full site analysis. Dedicated support for Hikashop, J2Store, Virtuemart, IgniteGallery, or Phoca Gallery optimizes even more sitemap URLs or image selections.

Error detection

As it reads your site's content, 4SEO detects broken links and tells you which pages they appear on so you can quickly fix them.

But it also logs PHP errors so you are aware of possible errors that may have only been seen by your visitors so far. With an accurate description of the error, file name and line number, developers can quickly fix the situation.

Free Access

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